The annual Schwan’s USA Cup is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. In fact, this year they’re slated to host 1150 teams from 20 different countries. In the spirit of showing our love for the beautiful game, the Dark Clouds are returning to the National Sports Center to volunteer.

From serving as field managers (no experience needed) to playing host to the Idaho Juniors FC alongside Red Card to Racism, we’ll have our hands full. Check out the full descriptions of our efforts below and GET INVOLVED!

Dark Clouds / Idaho Juniors Welcome Party

Join fellow Dark Clouds and Red Card to Racism on Monday, July 16th as they welcome  Idaho Juniors FC to the Twin Cities.

We’ll be hosting a barbecue at East River Flats Park at 6:00pm. Food will be provided by Bark and the Bite.

This is a family friendly event, so bring the crew. It’s also at a public park, so no booze allowed.


WHO: Dark Clouds, Red Card to Racism, Idaho Juniors FC
WHAT: Welcome Party / Barbecue
WHERE: East River Flats Park | 351 E River Pkwy, Minneapolis
WHEN: Monday, July 16th | 6:00pm

Opening Ceremony w/ Red Card to Racism & Idaho Juniors

Idaho Juniors FC

The Dark Clouds will be participating in the opening ceremony for the 2018 Schwan’s USA Cup alongside Idaho Juniors FC. This is part of a week-long effort by Red Card to Racism’s efforts to host Idaho Juniors FC during the USA Cup.

We will be helping unveil the flag for the opening ceremony. The ceremony begins at 7:30 pm at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota. We ask that you be present at 5:30 pm. It is anticipated that the event will go no longer than 9pm.

Help us play a special part in this year’s tournament alongside Idaho Juniors FC! We are looking for ten volunteers to share their Silver Lining at this event.

You can get signed up, here.


WHO: Dark Clouds Silver Lining and Red Card to Racism Volunteers
WHAT: Opening Ceremony for Schwan’s USA Cup 2018
WHERE: National Sports Center | 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine
WHEN: Tuesday, July 17th | 5:30-9:00pm

USA Cup Field Management

Silver Lining Volunteers (and Alyssa) at USA Cup 2017

Silver Lining volunteers will serve as USA Cup Field Managers on Saturday, July 21st. As field managers, we will make sure matches start on time, check in referees, and report scores when matches conclude.

We will also serve as points of communication for any weather, medical, or security issues that arise and provide general information about the tournament to attendees. It’s also a great way to socialize and interact with the many international teams and referees!

Silver Lining volunteers will be responsible for two field management stations. You can sign up for a shift here.


WHO: Dark Clouds Silver Lining
WHAT: Schwan’s USA Cup 2018  Field Management
WHERE: National Sports Center | 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine
WHEN: Saturday, July 21st | 11:15am-2:15 pm | 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Somali-American Youth Enrichment Club Honors Dark Clouds Silver Lining Volunteers

Dark Clouds Silver Lining Volunteers at Sayec Field Service 2018

In addition to the two events listed above, the Somali-American Youth Enrichment Club will be honoring the Dark Clouds Silver Lining for their support of their team and club. Be sure to attend a few of their games under the moniker SYE U12.

The Dark Clouds Silver Lining have been active in support for the club, with a field service event, and weekly field striping done by our very own Neal Logan.

Teams To Watch: Schwan’s USA Cup 2018

If you want to help show some support for our visiting friends from Idaho, Haiti, and our hometown Somali Youth American Enrichment Club boys team, check out the schedules below.

Idaho Juniors FC U11B0377 – Boys U11 Gold

  • Match #126  – Tues@ 10:45am, vs UBSC ORANGE – Location NSC B2
  • Match #136 – Wed, July 18 @ 12:15pm vs BLAINE SC EDT 2 – Location NSC C4
  • Match #145 – Thurs, July 19 @ 9:45am vs St. Paul BLACKHAWKS BLACK – Location NSC B1

Haiti – FH Champion HI  14B0757 – Boys U14 Gold

  • Match #458 – Tues July 17 @ 12:15pm vs Eagan Wave – Location NSC K1
  • Match #467 – Wed, July 18 @ 12:15pm vs Blain SC EDT – Location NSC A3
  • Match #475 – Thurs, July 19@ 3:00pm  vs Euro FC Academy – Location NSC U2

Somali Youth American Enrichment Club – SAYEC 12B0597 – BOYS U12 9v9 Silver

  • Match #288 – Tues, July 18 @ 7:00am vs ST. PAUL BLACKHAWKS GOLD – Location NSC I1 N
  • Match #302 – Wed, July 18 @ 8:45am vs BLAINE SC TRAVEL 1 – Location NSC L2 S
  • Match #316 – Thurs, July 19th @ 11:30am vs CDI AZUL PLATA – Location  NSC I1 N

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