Dark Clouds Charity Card Club

"The Yellow Team Sucks" -- Photo by Daniel Mick
"The Yellow Team Sucks" -- Photo by Daniel Mick
“The Yellow Team Sucks” — Photo by Daniel Mick

Dark Clouds Charity Card Club

The Dark Clouds Charity Card Club (DCCCC) is the only club that gets good results from bad behavior. We’re looking at you Chase!

Fill out the form below to pledge a dollar amount for each yellow and red card earned by an MNUFC player during the 2022 season. Keep in mind, this includes post-season, US Open Cup, and friendly matches – lots of opportunities for bad behavior. Every time a Loon earns a card, a local charity earns donations! Again this year, we’re excited to announce that your donations will be tax deductible thanks to the DGS Foundation! As the Loons rack up cards in 2022, your donations will go to local charity.

At the end of the year, the loon with the most money raised to charity will also win the Foulanthropatirst of the year! 

Remember, the cards (and opportunities to support charity) are in your pocket!


DCCCC | Historical Efforts


The loons racked up 61 yellow cards and 2 red cards during regular season and postseason matches. This was the first season we awarded the Fowlanthropist of the year to Chase Gasper for earning 10 yellow cards and raising $900 dollars for charity. In total we collected over $5,696.25 for SAYEC and ACES4Kids.


If 2020 were a soccer player, it would have amassed so many cards that it would have been permanently dismissed from global league play. Forget 2020. We’re going to make up for its nonsense in 2021.


The Dark Clouds Charity Card Club, or DCCCC, raises money for charity based on the amount of yellow and red cards earned by MNUFC players. Members pledge a dollar amount per card, and then donate that pledged money periodically throughout the season.

In 2019, the DCCCC received a cumulative pledge of $87.30 per yellow card, and $270.50 per red card. With 70 yellow cards and five red cards on the season, members pledged $7,463.50 for local charities.

This money has been collected and donated to a handful of local charities, including the Somali Youth Enrichment Club, or SAYEC.


In 2018, the DCCCC raised a record $6,520.10 for two local charities;


In 2017, the DCCCC had a total of $4100 pledged ($3800 collected). This money was used to give 120 tickets for MNUFC games to the Somali American Youth Enrichment Club (SAYEC) (thanks to a partnership with Minnesota United).

Money was also spent to contribute to the club’s soccer field maintenance as well as provide a general purpose donation to further the club’s mission.