Dark Clouds Charity Card Club

"The Yellow Team Sucks" -- Photo by Daniel Mick

The Dark Clouds Charity Card Club (DCCCC or D4C) is the only club that gets good results from bad behavior.

It’s a simple club to join! Complete the form below to pledge a dollar amount for each yellow and red card earned by an MNUFC player during the 2024 season. At the end of the season, we’ll donate all the funds collected to a local charity. This year, we’ve selection CommonBond, a nonprofit focused on affordable housing. They believe “Home should be a safe place to land — not another source of worry. Having a place to call your own is a basic right for everyone.” You can learn more about CommonBond here.

Keep in mind this season includes post-season, US Open Cup, and Leagues Cup matches – lots of opportunities for bad behavior. Continuing this year, your donations will be tax deductible through the DGS Foundation!

As an added bonus at the end of the year, the player with the most money raised to charity will also win the Fowlanthropist of the year! 

Remember, the cards (and opportunities to support charity) are in your pocket!