Dark Clouds capos lead cheers during a match.

📸 » Daniel Mick

Becoming a card-carrying member of the Dark Clouds is the best way you can help your fellow DCs ensure that every United match is better than the last.

Membership dues help us promote atmosphere on matchdays, increase participation among fans, and make playing in Minnesota an intimidating prospect for visiting teams. We also give a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations each year.

Tifo is expensive! Flags, banners, smoke bombs, and displays cost money! Your membership dollars go to all of these efforts.

Dark Clouds Season Tickets + Membership

The easiest way to join is to purchase a Minnesota United Season Ticket in the Dark Clouds section. Memberships are included with your Dark Clouds section season tickets. You will receive information on how to acquire your welcome letter and membership card from the team. To purchase a season ticket from Minnesota United, click here.

Individual memberships

Want to support the Dark Clouds without a season ticket it the Wonderwall? Individual memberships are on sale now for $35 and can be purchased in our store.

Membership Benefits

Dark Clouds members receive the following as part of their membership:

  • A Dark Clouds Scarf
  • A Card of Wonder
  • We’ve partnered with several local businesses to provide benefits linked to your Card of Wonder. Click here to view these.

Remember, you don’t have to pay to stand with us. However, when you become a paying member of the Dark Clouds, you’re helping us make the matchday experience the best it can be.