Things have been in a lot of flux while we hammer things out with sponsors and the team, but here’s a map to where things will be, and below is the party we’re planning. Pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates, as those are easier for us to update while we’re at work or driving.

  • 2PM: Carousing and preparing at the Nomad
    Todd will have the grills hot and we’ll have some hot dogs, as well as merchandise, memberships, song sheets, zines, and cards for those of you that have signed up as of this writing (people who sign up after will have to wait until the next game… sorry. They’re hand-made). THIS WILL BE MEMBERS’ FIRST CHANCE TO PICK UP A LIMITED EDITION SCARF.
  • 5PM: March to the Match
    It’s a short stroll to the Dome, so let’s take advantage of it to practice some songs and show people what kind of fun we have.
  • 5PM-Gametime: Party On KPP
    The club has put together food trucks, music, and more beer so we’ll take full advantage of that. We’ll also have merch, scarves, and memberships for sale on Kirby Puckett Place.
  • 7PM: SUPPORT UNITEDYou’ve got the rest of your life to watch the HD stream of the game, so spend 90 minutes singing, yelling, waving art you made, and letting the team know how much you care.

Important Note: We weren’t able to secure tickets to sell like usual, so we recommend you buy yours ahead of time, or be ready to buy them at the Dome.

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