Tomorrow is the HOME OPENER (not to be confused with the Dome Opener)!  8500+ were at the dome, how many can we get to Blaine tomorrow night?  To celebrate the day there will be festive food on the grill, but you’re welcome to bring your own as well.  Surly is again providing us with a complimentary beer for everyone at the tailgate with a game ticket and a valid ID showing they are over 21 while supplies last!  When we run out and you had the forethought to become a member you can use your Dark Clouds member card at Tournament Liquor to get a discount on more Surly!  Don’t forget to sign up for the ride share if you can give people a lift (or need one yourself).

The grill will be fired up by 5:30, the game is at 7:30, the post game celebration is at Bricks.  Oh yeah, you can also use your membership to get a complimentary membership in Bricks Craft Club!

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