Winds of change are blowing through the MNUFC supporters section–and they’re coming in the form of two enormous 10×15 foot flags. We created these flags as symbols of the Dark Clouds history and support for the Loons. They also look really freaking cool.

There will be a bit of a learning curve regarding placement and waving technique, and there will also be times when the flags will be set down in the rows within the section. We ask that you be patient with the Dark Clouds matchday team while they work out these kinks.

Don’t want to deal with gigantic flags in your sight-line during the match? No problem. Use this handy map as a guide to where you will be able to stand with minimal obstruction. Note that smaller flags are present throughout the entire section.

Supporters Section Flag Map

We’re also looking for some people to step up and commit to waving these flags for 23-45 minutes at a time during matches. We are also in need of general matchday logistical help to assist with loading equipment. Our team must haul our gear in and out of the stadium each match. Credentials will be assigned to you for early entry into the stadium for this purpose.

We are committed to making our matchday presence among the very best in the league. We can’t do so without the volunteer power behind it making it happen. We need your help to build the greatest supporters section in the league!

Please fill out the form at https://www.dark-clouds.com/get-involved/ if you’re interested in being part of the madness. Check “Matchday logistics” as your area of interest.

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