Pride Night - Daniel Mick Photography

Ahh, the 4th of July. The day we all get together and cook brats and quote Independence Day. While it will be hard to live up to Pride Night, we’re sure hoping for a better result on the field.


This time, we’re doing it live at the Dubliner in Saint Paul. With $3 Summit beers and $6 wing baskets before the match, nobody will look like a schlemiel (or a schlimazal).¹

IN ADDITION, the hopefully-half-drunk merch crew will be selling you the latest Dark Clouds gear, or providing a pick-up point for your online purchases.

The party starts USAing at 3:15pm, with the match kicking off at 6:00pm sharp.


WHO: Dark Clouds and friends
WHAT: MNUFC v Toronto
WHERE:  Dubliner | 2162 University Ave W, St Paul
WHEN: Wednesday, July 4th | 3:15pm | 6:00pm kickoff

  1. I had to look those up, but I’m referencing a quote² from Independence Day the movie.
  2. Independence Day – Julius Levinson: “If I had known I was gonna meet the president I would’ve worn a tie. Look at me, I look like a schlemiel.”

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