We’re pleased to announce that Alicia Pedersen will join the Dark Clouds Board of Directors in 2024. Alicia is a familiar face among Dark Clouds – she’s led our membership and events committees for several seasons. We’re excited to have her join as a board officer – join us in thanking her for her dedication!

A huge thank you to outgoing board member and Dark Clouds Secretary Jackson Smith – who is taking on duties as our matchday committee co-chair. Jackson’s energy and passion are incredible assets and we’re very grateful for all he’s done – and all he continues to do!

Alicia was our only nominee for the vacant position and was approved by a unanimous vote of the existing board (as per our bylaws) on Feburary 4th.

How the DCMN Board works

The folks that organize the Dark Clouds are themselves organized into committees – groups that coordinate matchday, tifo, marketing/social/communications, party planning, partnerships, merchandise, finance, and volunteer work (Silver Lining). Each of these volunteer committees has a committee chair – and that person also plays the role of “director” on our board.

To help keep all of that together and to provide some decision-making accountability, we also elect three board members independent of the volunteer committees. (Someone can be elected in one of these roles and also serve as a committee chair.) Those three folks are then elected into officer positions by the remaining board to take on the responsibilities of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

We’ll have those officer elections at our upcoming DCMN BOD meeting on 2/15 – location TBD, but we’ll announce that soon. Anyone is welcome to join!

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