Dark Clouds Flags and Scarves being held up in the Wonderwall

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

Thursday, February 15, 2024 7:00pm

Urban Growler

Board Members

Present: Jackson Smith, Meagan Weber, Andrew Bruski, Alicia Pedersen, Nick Moore, Jack McFarland,  Jens Selin

Absent: Andy Wattenhofer, Andy Kahl, Jim Crist

  1. Call to Order 7:11pm 
  1. Last Meeting Minutes
  1. Reports of Officers and Committees
    • Election of Officers
      • Only one person nominated for open Board position
      • Board voted via Slack to appoint the nominee to the Board without an election – Welcome Alicia Pedersen!
  • Alicia nominates Meagan Weber for President, Bruski seconds
    • None opposed. Meagan is elected President.
  • Meagan nominates Nick Moore for Vice President, Jackson seconds
    • None opposed. Nick is elected Vice President.
  • Meagan nominates Alicia Pedersen for Secretary, Jack seconds
    • None opposed. Alicia is elected Secretary.
  • Meagan moves to re-appoint Andy Wattenhoffer as the Treasurer for the 2024 season, Jack seconds.
    • None opposed. Andy is re-appointed Treasurer.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Board of Directors report 01/28/24
    • Report does not include money in reserve found from Wonderwall Finance.
      • Board asks Treasurer to look at Wonderwall finance report starting September 1, 2017 and bring significant expenses not included in the report to the Board by March 15, 2024.
      • After receiving those items, Board will vote regarding the report about the split in finances between Dark Clouds and Wonderwall.
  • Committee Updates
    • Merch
      • 36 hoodies sold so far, 41 t-shirts sold so far
      • Patch to be released soon
      • Stickers also released shortly
    • Matchday
      • Ordered new flags
      • New large banner will be ordered in the new day
      • Additional flags and banners will be ordered over the course of the season
      • Wonderwall matchday meeting scheduled for Sunday
    • Mar/Com/Social
      • A lot of social posts have been coming out
      • Fedica is working really well
      • May be great to create a shared calendar of some sort that is easy for the Board can access
      • To gain engagement with Chant, will include QR code in the newsletter and may post on the website too
    • Membership
      • Member Survey will be coming out in the early part of the season
      • Affiliation is happening, working on streamlining and getting a list
      • Scarves will hopefully be here by Home Opener
    • Partnership
      • Iron Door and Black Hart for watch parties
        • New and improved specials at Iron Door ($4 Pryes Pragmatic, $5 Pryes Miraculum)
        • Black Hart will likely have Fulton specials for away games, Summit specials for home games.
      • Meeting soon with Urban Growler
        • BOGO drinks on home game days (maybe)
      • Sociable is still in the works
      • Talisman partnership getting close
    • Tifo
      • Home Opener build is happening
    • Silver Lining
      • Volunteer appreciation night on 2/27
      • Have a team signed up for WalkMS
    • Party Planning
      • None
  1. Old Business
    • Updates on Action Items from January
      • Charitable Merch and Donations – Meagan
        • No update
    • Other Old Business
      • 20th Anniversary Update
        • Logo launched successfully
          • Good reception
  1. New Business
    • Volunteers
      • Merch discount
        • Want to keep doing this for our volunteers
      • Wonderwall form
        • Slack discussion about this item
    • ISC Open Cup discussion
      • Action items posted in Slack
      • A lot of prep stuff pending on response from MLS
      • Put thoughts in the Slack thread
    • Sponsoring Dan Mick
      • Should be through Wonderwall, not Dark Clouds
      • If it doesn’t happen, will ask him to reach back out so that Board can continue discussion.
  1. Open to Board
    • D4C
      • It is happening (14 people signed up currently – hope to get 30 prior to Season Opener)
      • Social posts are happening and getting some traction
      • Yellow/Red card with sign up is going to be given out at some point early in the season
  1. Open to Public
    • None
  1. Set Date for Next Meeting
    • Alicia will do it through Slack
  1. Adjournment 8:40pm

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