Dark Clouds in Wonderwall holding up scarves and flags

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held at Black Hart on Thursday April 18th at 6:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 7:00pm 

Black Hart

Board Members Present:  Jackson Smith, Alicia Pedersen, Andy Kahl, Meagan Weber, Nick Moore, Andrew Bruski

Absent: Andy Wattenhofer, Jim Crist, Jens Selin, Jack McFarland, Maggi Heyer

I.            Call to Order 7:08pm

II.          Approval of minutes February 2023 Dark Clouds Board Meeting

Alicia moves, Andy K seconds. All approve.

III.          Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Report received, waiting on clarification for approval
  • Committee Updates
    • Merch
      • 39 tour shirts sold
      • Good sales at the Brew Hall event and Home Opener pre-match
      • More shirts coming soon
    • Matchday
      • 8 new flags at the opener – all looked great
      • Due to lower number of DC specific capo slots this year, need less of a push for volunteers
        • Will still take more though!
      • Ongoing discussions about TW having a capo – thoughts?
        • Propose having a discussion among the DC capos to bring a position forward to the Board
      • Funds are budgeted for a new banner – do we want it with the planned rebrand for 20th Anniversary?
        • Likely wait until the re-brand unless emergency
      • Changes to smoke bombs
        • MNUFC is working on getting something better
      • March to Match scheduled for March 25
    • Mar/Com/Social
      • Moving right along
    • Silver Lining
      • 14 volunteer scarves distributed
      • PanCan is the next major event
      • Working towards an Earth Day event – with other SGs and team
    • Membership
      • Handed out 204 scarves already
      • 459 have not picked up
      • Front loading season for scarf handout
      • Night Before Event was great
    • Partnership
      • Discussing with Pryes & Iron Door about raffle night on April 8
        • Also include BH?
        • Maybe combine with donation drive for CANMN or other org
        • Proposing just doing raffle at ID, but do donation drive at both
      • Luce Line discussed at WW meeting
        • Hosting a west metro watch party
        • Uncomfortable being branded as WW group instead of specific SG
    • Tifo
      • Next tifo April 15 – Native American Heritage Night
        • Soliciting design ideas – want native voices involved
        • Reached out to Heartberry, but have not heard back
    • Party Planning Committee
      • None

IV.          Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from February
    • Signage for pre-match/watch parties
      • It is a thing that now exists
      • Need some amplification for announcements
      • Wear nametags going forward
  • Other Old Business
    • MCS Strategy
    • D4C 2023
      • 31 people have signed up so far
      • Looking in to a banner in the stadium as a counter
    • Documenting Responsibilities
      • Ongoing – especially for the Executive Board

V.          New Business.

  • Matt Johnson 2023 Photographer Agreement
    • Renew agreement from last year
    • Proposing upping fee to $1,000 for the year – was $600 last year
    • Andy will create an written agreement – will be approved in Slack
    • Andy moves, Alicia seconds. All approve.

VI.      Open to Board

  • None

VI. Open to the Public

  • None

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting 

  • Jackson will set in Slack shortly

VIII.          Adjournment 8:40pm

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