DCMN large flag over the Wonderwall in Allianz

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, June 21, 2022 7:00pm 

Black Hart

Board Members Present:  Sam Solberg, Jackson Smith, Andrew Bruski, Alicia Pedersen, Jack McFarland, Meagan Weber (virtual), Jens Selin (virtual), Andy Wattenhofer

Absent: Andy Kahl, Shaun Sapala, Jim Crist, Maggi Heyer

I.            Call to Order 7:05pm

II.          Approval of minutes

Alicia moves, Jack seconds. No discussion. Passes unanimously.

III.          Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Some expenses did not come in until today – so slightly understated expenses
      • Pride shirts, Pride scarves, stickers
  • Committee Updates 
    • Merch
      • Pride shirts all shipped as of today – 75 sold
      • Basically splitting 50/50 with Avenues ($375 + scarf scales)
      • Scarves ordered today – will be here for the Pride game (not Pride month)
      • Patch almost finalized
      • Stickers are here! (5 for $5)
    • Matchday
      • Hoping to have a Wonderwall-wide meeting on Monday (June 27)
    • Mar/Com/Social
      • No updates
    • Silver Lining
      • FB4K was a success – got enough people to participate and did the work in record time
        • Two riders signed up – only one able to ride
      • Next event was supposed to be USACup – going to cancel due to low signup rate
      • Looking for August event – CAAMN drive (maybe September)
    • Membership
      • Handed out 1 scarf at the WW event last week
      • 200ish left to hand out – have handed out 458
      • Handing out at the stadium was good, but overwhelming – will talk to team about doing it again in July or August
    • Partnership
      • Going to follow up with Pryes about taking photos of beer/merch
      • Been working on updating the WW website
    • Tifo
      • Pride will be the next one
    • Party Planning Committee
      • No parties to plan

IV.          Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from May
    • Dash Cards
      • In process
    • Board bios
      • Jackson get it to Sam
      • Sam getting an error message when updating the website
    • Access to technology
      • Meagan working on getting it from Nick
  • Other Old Business
    • Social Media voice of the WW
      • Keep on talking
    • Dark Clouds Incident Report
      • Have found somebody not on the Board to take control of the process when reports happen
      • Will have 7 days to take information from the report and present to the Board for decisions
      • Hoping to launch with the RSL game (beginning of July)

V.          New Business.

  • None

VI.      Open to Board

  • None

VI. Open to the Public

  • None

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  • Jackson will do through Slack

VIII.          Adjournment 7:39pm

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