Dark Clouds Follow flag flying over the Wonderwall section.

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 7:00pm 

Black Hart

Board Members Present: Jackson Smith, Alicia Pedersen, Andy Kahl, Andrew Bruski, Jack McFarland, Sam Solberg, Meagan Weber, Andy Wattenhofer, 

Absent: Jens Selin, Shaun Sapala, Jim Crist, Maggi Heyer

I. Call to Order 7:05pm

II. Approval of minutes

Alicia moves, Bruski seconds. 7 approved, 0 against, 1 abstain

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Includes a large scarf purchase, but will be recouped quickly since the scarf will drop this week.
    • July will include payment for Soccer Stars shirts – will be paid shortly to Elips Enterprises
  • Committee Updates 
    • Merch
      • Pride scarf release this weekend
        • $5 of each purchase will go to Avenues
      • Pre-sale shirt next week
      • No All-Star specific merch
    • Matchday
      • No update
    • Mar/Com/Social
      • Newsletter on Thursday this week
        • If you have stuff, let Andy know.
      • Due to technical difficulties, website will be redesigned this weekend.
    • Silver Lining
      • Trying to figure out what to do with CANMN
        • Maybe can drive in August and/or collection event in September
        • Will have QR code for donations
      • Oktoberfest wants a ton of people – details in the next few weeks
      • Seeds to Harvest needs like 10 people for a mid-August event
    • Membership
      • Trying to do scarf handout at Allianz on a non-gameday
      • Hoping to mail only the last 100 or 150 (September-ish)
      • All-Star game event with other SGs
        • Happy Hour on Tuesday before Skills Match (4:30ish)
      • Starting to talk about End-of-Year party
      • Maybe have an event at Pryes in either September or October
    • Partnership
      • Pryes will be co-sponsoring All-Star Happy Hour
      • Working on getting access to the Partnership email
    • Tifo
      • Pride has one
      • All-Star game does not
    • Party Planning Committee
      • Looking at possible dates for End-of-Year party
        • December 7 or November 16

IV. Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from June
    • Dash Cards
      • Still working on it
    • Soccer Stars sponsorship
      • T-shirts with Elips Enterprises
      • May be getting something to promote for a fundraiser for one of their coaches through Urban Village
      • Went really well – super happy with the turnout
        • Kids excited about the shirts
  • Other Old Business
    • Social Media voice of the WW
      • Going to start working with new WW Board Members to start talking about it more
      • Hoping to get meetings open to the public to start the conversation
    • Dark Clouds Incident Report
      • Have a person not on the Board to monitor
      • Already on the website – at bottom of Code of Conduct page
        • Hoping to have button on homepage
        • Add to matchday tweets too (and Twitter bio?)

V. New Business.

  • MSS Auction Donation
    • Basket with DC and MNUFC (by end of August-ish)
      • MNUFC donating signed ball and at least one scarf
      • We will find merch things
  • Urban Village Karen Community Foundation
    • Sam will figure out what the fundraiser looks like and get info to Andy
  • Balancing supporting team and supporting social things (i.e. union, abortion, etc.)
    • Tifos
      • Pride going forward since more support of community than the team
    • Social/Comm
      • We need to say something on important social things due to mission
      • Also need some fun to lend levity
    • We can support the team (i.e. players) and still criticize the FO
      • For example, with a player signing, we make our own tweet instead of quoting the team tweet.
    • Read the room

VI. Open to Board

  • Got a call from the Aliveness Project – very happy to have worked with us for Prideraiser

VI. Open to the Public

  • None

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  • Jackson will do through Slack

VIII. Adjournment 8:26pm     

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