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Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, May 9, 2022 7:00pm 

Iron Door Pub

Board Members Present:  Sam Solberg, Meagan Weber, Jackson Smith, Alicia Pedersen, Maggi Heyer, Andrew Bruski, Jack McFarland

Absent: Andy Kahl, Shaun Sapala, Andy Wattenhofer, Jens Selin

I.            Call to Order 7:07pm

II.          Approval of minutes

Jack moves, Bruski seconds. No discussion. Approved 6, Abstain 1 (Meagan)

III.          Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • April was a good month. 
    • Dash cards – Maggie wants one, Jim has an expired one, Jim and Bruski each need one. Shaun may want one to grab the first round after events, when applicable (?).
  • Committee Updates 
    • Merch
      • Shirt coming out (posted in the channel) Not presale. Pryes collaboration.
      • Sticker pack ordered
      • Getting started on Pride merch too
      • Okay on volunteers, people just need to be nudged every once and awhile.
    • Matchday
      • Still need to order flags – waiting for Dash Card, but all designs are good
      • Need to order new banner out of WW budget – need a designer. New banner is to standardize sizes across the WW. Would Ty want to do it?
      • Extremely low on volunteers, have a decent number of people signed up, but haven’t had all available so far.
      • Will be calling a larger matchday meeting for all WW matchday people
    • Mar/Com/Social
      • Working on figuring out a “formal” monthly report regarding social posts, engagement, etc. – Just establishing the best source for data and analysis (i.e. Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Individual platforms).
    • Silver Lining
      • Bee Run & PanCan events went well – though were very wet
      • GGB event (May 21)
        • 9 of 10 spots filled
        • Working with GGB on scope and material list
      • FB4K Ironman Ride (June 18)
        • Struggling for signups – need 10 people at each shift (6-9am; 3-6pm)
        • 1 sponsored rider signed up; 4 more open slots – want to open up to all Dark Clouds
      • USACUP (July 9) – Need to start pushing
    • Membership
      • Scarf pick up is really slow – 303 picked up; 419 need to be picked up; over 1,000 unaffiliated people
        • Not planning on using weeknight games
      • Can send an email to affiliated people – working with Andy to get it drafted and figure out concrete dates
        • Can’t be too marketing-ish
      • Working on a happy hour at BlackStack on May 24 – waiting to hear back
      • Trying to schedule a meeting with Sean to make communication smoother – talk about scarf pick up at the stadium
    • Partnership
      • Working on clean up on the WW website
      • Pryes is a go
      • Potential “featured watch party” with giveaways – still in very early planning
    • Tifo
      • There will be another one
      • One on May 27 for NYCFC – will allow us to test rigging
      • Pride tifo and either cards or colored streamers
    • Party Planning Committee
      • None at the moment

IV.          Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from April
    • Silver Lining appreciation scarf
    • FB4K ride entry fee
  • Other Old Business
    • Jonah Fields, Como Park Schools, Soccer Stars
      • Meagan and Sam met with Jonah
      • Project Timeline
        • May
          • T-shirt Design, confirm printer & Media release to approve in mid-May
          • Jonah and James will get logo images they want in the shirt
          • Reconnect Sunday, May 15
        • June
          • Print shirts at beginning of June (120 shirts – sizes provided with sign ups)
          • Film Video – James coaching at soccer stars
          • Camp held June 15, 22, 29
        • July
          • Final day of camp July 14
          • Video & donation page created
        • August
          • Fundraiser launched with video Aug 1 and keep raising money throughout the month of August
            • Urban Village will use funds to support Karen people in Myanmar
            • Possible tie-in with national holiday, Martyrs’ Day, August 12 (Memorial day for the Karen community, soccer tournament that goes along with it)
      • In the t-shirt design phase (120 t-shirts for the kids and staff)
      • Going to work on a video of coaching the camp
        • May be a good test for capabilities for videos for next season
      • Non-profit sponsor: Urban Village

V.          New Business.

  • Technology
    • How do we consolidate who has all the information – Nick should have everything. Should it be somebody on the board?
    • Board bios are out of date and only Sam has a bio – how do we update
    • Good time to make sure appropriate people are on Slack channels
    • Create a document on everything that needs to be done post-elections for onboarding and offboarding Board Members
  • Social Media voice of the WW
    • WW should amplify our voices (and other SG voices) rather than have its own voice
    • FIne line for WW Board between just amplifying SG and being able to have own voice on issues – especially social justice issues
    • How does it work when SGs disagree about issues?
    • Do people know the relationship between WW and the SGs?
    • Continue conversation next month
  • Prideraiser charity
    • We need one
    • Avenues? Aliveness Project? Reclaim (again)?
    • Aliveness Project is also doing a lot with Trans groups now
    • Leaning heavily toward Aliveness Project
    • Andy K – Maggi will need MarCom support
  • MSS charity auction donation
    • Told them we will donate again
    • Last year raised $685 – combined our donation with donation from MNUFC
    • Need things in August – want an item value
  • Dark Clouds Incident Report form
    • For if anything happens inside or outside the Supporter Section (i.e. Violations of Code of Conduct)
    • Form exists and is ready to go
    • Can’t be sent to somebody on the DC board
      • Katie Jarvi?
      • Kate Thersleff?
    • More for concerns to follow up on – NOT EMERGENCIES (direct to MNUFC)
    • Still report inappropriate chants through form (or to Matchday people)
    • How do we handle reports involving non-DC people?
    • More likely to be used at DC-specific events, not matchday
    • Will test to see if useful

VI.      Open to Board

  • None

VI. Open to the Public

  • None

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  • Jackson will figure out through Slack

VIII.          Adjournment 8:28pm

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