On Monday we released an updated statement on our stance around the lack of COVID protocols at Allianz Field on matchdays. We’ve had a tremendous amount of support for our efforts to encourage MNUFC to adopt stronger public health policies. Thank you for amplifying this important issue and for reaching out to the team to make your voices heard.

We’re continuing our conversations both internally and with the team. We’re making sure to listen to your feedback and want to be sure we are clear about our goals while not ignoring that this is a nuanced and complicated issue.

With that in mind, we want to clarify a few aspects of our statement that were mischaracterized or misstated in external reporting and social media.

1. We’re not taking a position that MNUFC is anti-vax or anti-mask as an organization. While we would like to see more concrete measures in place, it is worth noting that the team has spoken out in support of these practices and encouraged fans to take precautions.

We understand the team’s position that this is a difficult set of circumstances to navigate and, while other teams can provide guidance or ideas, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for combating the pandemic. We believe that the team wants to find a way to implement safety mechanisms for the benefit of its fans without placing undue burden on its staff or otherwise placing them in harm’s way.

2. We did not intend for our statement to be interpreted as an ultimatum-driven boycott of matches. Many fans with high-risk circumstances are concerned about attendance, and we wanted to collectively acknowledge this and encourage our members to turn their absence into a statement. Any fan who does not wish to attend can demonstrate their concerns most clearly by not reselling their ticket. Any fan who feels comfortable attending should do so without feeling like they’re crossing a picket line.

3. We recognize the unfortunate timing of this cycle of the pandemic. The hope and promise that we all felt in June is receding quickly – and while it’s tempting to simply put blinders on until the end of the season, the daily reality faced by many of our volunteers and members-at-large doesn’t allow for that.

Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll update you as we collaborate with the team on practical and viable solutions.

Stay safe,


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