The Independent Supporters Council logo and Dark Clouds logo sit atop a black square with "LET THEM PLAY" and "#LetThemPlay2021" written underneath.

Where Minnesota United goes, the Dark Clouds follow. Some of us have been chanting since the days of the Thunder, while others came to the sport with the opening of Allianz Field in 2019 – but we stand together with one voice for our team. Approaching the 2021 season, we stand together in support of the MLS Players Association and urge MLS owners to accept their terms and bring soccer back to our community.

We understand that an unprecedented and impossible-to-predict pandemic came with unrivaled financial losses for teams and that mitigating those losses is a priority. We ask MLS owners to consider the sacrifices already made by the players – physically, culturally, and at the negotiating table. Additionally, the economic distress we face impacts the numerous support staff, stadium workers, and community businesses that rely on MLS games for their livelihood – and these groups are far less able to absorb the current losses than MLS owners. If MLS owners could look beyond the opportunity for an immediately favorable Collective Bargaining Agreement, we believe they would find many long-term benefits to acting in a socially responsible manner.

The Dark Clouds stand wholly behind the players that play the beautiful game we love. We thank them for the sacrifices during the 2020 season, and we believe they deserve fair treatment and fair conditions in 2021.

Let them play.

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