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The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Saturday, January 2 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 29th, 2020



Board Members Present:  Nach Karnik, Sam Solberg, Meagan Weber, Andy Wattenhofer, David Zeller, Andrew Bruski, Shaun Sapala, Maggi Heyer,  Alec Vohnoutka , Andy Kahl, Ty Hoagland

Absent: Jack McFarland

I. Call to Order

Sam calls to order at 5:03PM

II. Approval of Minutes  

Sam made a motion to approve, Nach w. Seconded. Motion approved

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                   

a. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Andy has had conversations with Abe and WW
  1. Andy has communicated that accounting needs to be formalized before end of the year. Not a lot has been done on the WW side.

b. Committee Updates 


  1. Merch sales have fallen off, as they always do this time of year.
  2. New presale shirt coming soon, will be last merch item of the year.


  1. none


  1. Two new co-chairs coming in.
  2. Nach will need to hand off some Team Pass(password manager) access. Finish this conversation in New Business
  3. Looking for newsletter author
    1. New chairs will help with this search

Silver Lining

  1. No updates over the past month


  1. Final, final call for shipping 2020 membership scarves.
    1. Erin did shipping of what was in stock
    2. 100 more scarves will be ordered to fulfill 77 remaining


  1. Lots of auction topics in new business
  2. Meeting soon to talk about 2021
  3. Reaching to partners will have to wait until after 2021 as well.


  1. Not a lot new, United Together still up and doing well.
  2. Talking with the team around using banners they have covering seats currently.
  3. Abe has suspended tifo because of the teams lack of action around the Black Lives Matter movement.

IV. Old Business

  1. Update on Action Items from October 2020
    1. All addressed in New Business

V. New Business

  1. Dark Clouds Board Election Planning – Sam
    1. Election takes place in Feb 2021
    2. Nach not running next year
    3. Zeller will lead running election
      1. Andy W, Maggi, Ty will all help with setting up election
  2. Silent Auction – Zeller, Meagan
    1. Total Sports Enterprises will be hosting auctions as well donating items to the auction.
    2. Links on Slack
    3. Not our auction (that should be up Monday or Tuesday) but this is an idea of what our auction will look like: https://www.32auctions.com/LPHYouthHockey
  3. Technology conversation
    1. Current observed issue, there is no one leading this issue.
    2. Dark Clouds cannot own anything regarding IT assets because we are not an entity.
    3. Technology committee will form to start process of getting all of IT more organized
      1. Nick R will lead this with Andy Kahl
    4. Nach is looking into bylaws that were ratified in 2019 around technology at that time.
      1. If this can’t be found, the technology committee will create something new.

VI. Open to Board

  1. None

VI. Open to Public

  1. None 

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  1. Week after Christmas
    1. Formal date will be decided on Slack

VIII. Adjournment

  1. Meeting Adjourned @ 6:11PM 

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