With another season in the books, we want to revisit and celebrate the charity fundraising we’ve accomplished in 2019.

Through the Dark Clouds Charity Card Club, Prideraiser, and End of Year Charity Auction, our members and friends have pledged and donated over $18,000 to local charities.

Thank you to our fantastic community for opening your hearts and your wallets for some great charities.

2019 Dark Clouds Charity Card Club

The Dark Clouds Charity Card Club, or DCCCC, raises money for charity based on the amount of yellow and red cards earned by MNUFC players. Members pledge a dollar amount per card, and then donate that pledged money periodically throughout the season.

In 2019, the DCCCC received a cumulative pledge of $87.30 per yellow card, and $270.50 per red card. With 70 yellow cards and five red cards on the season, members pledged $7,463.50 for local charities.

This money has been collected and donated to a handful of local charities, including the Somali Youth Enrichment Club, or SAYEC.

Photo by Dan Mick

During the season, we were fortunate enough to use the collected DCCCC money to bring a bunch of the kids from SAYEC to a MNUFC game. After the game, Ike Opara stopped by to say hello.

Photo by Dan Mick

2019 Dark Clouds Prideraiser

Prideraiser brings together soccer supporters to help raise money for LGBTQ+ charities during pride month.

The premise is simple — participants pledge a dollar amount per goal scored by MNUFC during Pride month and that money is then donated to a local LGBTQ+ charity.

In 2018, participants pledged $1315.80 to the Prideraiser. With an additional $1000 donated by MNUFC and Bell Bank, our 2018 total hit $2315.80 — a tidy sum for our charity of choice, Avenues for Homeless Youth.

In 2019, participants — and MNUFC goalscorers — stepped up their game with a total of $8,364.96 pledged to Avenues for Homeless Youth.

P.s; $625 of that total was generated from 2019 Dark Clouds Pride Scarf purchases.

2019 End of Year Charity Auction

The Dark Clouds End of Year Charity Auction is an annual tradition where members, partner companies, players and MNUFC all pitch in items to be auctioned off for charity.

This year, the Dark Clouds selected the local charity Like a Girl to receive proceeds from the charity auction.

With donations from partners, members and MNUFC, we were able to raise an even $2500.00 for Like a Girl!

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