The 2017 season has ended, but this good time train stays in motion all year long. Whether you want to join section mates and workshop new songs, make new friends or just knock back a few discounted brews, Eastlake Craft Brewing in Midtown Global Market will be the spot on Saturday, November 11.

Dark Clouds members with their cards will receive their customary 20% off all beers at Eastlake and 20% off their purchase at Taco Cat when ordering there. Let me repeat: specials on beer and tacos, this is what we’ve been training for.

For each beer DCMN members purchase they will receive a raffle ticket. Eastlake is contributing a tshirt and growler/fill to the raffle. There will also be Dark Clouds merch in the raffle as well.


Details at a glance:
What: Dark Clouds Social Hour
Where: Eastlake brewing
When: 6pm Saturday November 11, 2017
Why: Friends, and discounted beer and tacos; why not?

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