Photo courtesy Jeremy Olson

Photo courtesy Jeremy Olson

Most of you know Bruce ‘du Nord’ McGuire as one of the godfathers of Dark Clouds (Leave the scarf, take the cannoli.) He’s got a message for all of you regarding the new Minnesota United Stadium:

There is one final step to get past before construction of the Minnesota United stadium in St Paul can begin, and its in the hands of the Minnesota state legislature (Convenes March 8th) which needs to approve 3 items:

1. Property tax exemption for stadium
2. Stadium building materials tax exemption
3. Liquor license for stadium

If you are a Minnesota resident you need to contact your state House and Senate representatives NOW, and stay on them. Tell them you want them to approve these measures.

Find your representatives and their contact info right here.

Listen to Bruce. If you want to share a stand with him at Minnesota United’s new stadium in 2018, contact your state House and Senate representatives with a respectful message of support.

(Featured photo courtesy Jeremy Olson)

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