"Minnesota United FC played León FC in a international friendly match at the National Sports Center on July 18th 2015"

The money you impulsively spent last year on the Club León jersey is gone forever but the Liga MX team itself will be back to play MNUFC at Target Field on June 25th, 2016. Here is what the stadium is going to look like on the day:

Extract from the seating map released by Target Field.
Extract from the seating map. Click to enlarge. The full map can be found here.

The Dark Clouds have been assigned sections 128 – 131 that are behind the goal, out by left field. A special purchase code will be needed to buy tickets in the Dark Clouds section. This code will be sent by e-mail through the team to season ticket holders and by us to newsletter subscribers.

Seat numbers will not be enforced in sections 128 – 131 even though your ticket will have a number on it. As long as you have a ticket to a seat in section 128 – 131, you’ll be able to move about through the entire Dark Clouds section. That means people who come in early get to stand closest to the field.

You will need a special Dark Clouds pre-sale code to purchase tickets in sections 128 – 131. Dark Clouds season ticket holders will get the first shot at buying tickets through a code sent by the team. After that early pre-sale, we’ll e-mail a code to Dark Clouds newsletter subscribers on March 15th. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive the pre-sale code by submitting you e-mail address here:

As we get closer to June 25th, we’ll have more gameday related information for you on things like tailgating.

Details at a glance:
Match: MNUFC vs Club Leon
Date: June 25, 2016
Dark Clouds Section: 128 – 131 (Seat numbers not enforced)
How to buy: If you’re a season ticket holder or subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive a pre-sale code required to buy in the section.

(Featured Photo Courtesy Jeremy Olson)

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