Monday, March 18, 2024 7:00pm

Sociable Cider 

Board Members

Present: Jackson Smith, Meagan Weber, Andrew Bruski, Alicia Pedersen, Nick Moore, Jack McFarland

Absent: Andy Kahl, Andy Wattenhofer, Jim Crist, Jens Selin

Call to Order: 7:10

  1. Last Meeting Minutes
  1. Reports of Officers and Committees
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • No report
    • Committee Updates
      • Merch
        • Final tallies:
        • 56 tees, 59 hoodies
        • Sold 90 patches
          • some may have been returned for postage
        • Plan is to release “collections” of merch during the year
          • Various combos in relation to each other (ie: pride)
      • Matchday
        • Going to order more flags
        • Need more capos
          • Try to tag in Adam for social media presence to recruit
        • March went well
          • discussion about timing of the march
      • Mar/Com/Social
        • no updates from Andy
        • Request from DGS to re-post D4C and to tag them when we post D4C content.
        • Nick will revive calendar to share
      • Membership
        • 200 scarves handed out
        • Membership survey coming soon
      • Partnership
        • Sociable is our new partner! They may show games here this year
        • Urban Growler partnership 
        • Iron Door watch party on the 9th went well
      • Tifo
        • Working on designs for a pride tifo right now
        • Coach tifo went over well
      • Silver Lining
        • An email was sent for upcoming events
        • Voloonteers appreciation party was well attended
          • Mike Kappel was voloonteer of the year
      • Party Planning
        • None
  1. Old Business
    • Updates on Action Items from Feb
      • Charitable Merch and Donations – Meagan
        • No update
    • Other Old Business
      • 20th Anniversary Update
        • Working on getting secondary logos
    • Treasurer audit
      • no update
  1. New Business
    • Pride
      • Pride game is June 8th
      • Outfront will be on the front lawn for tabling
        • could be some volunteer opportunities 
        • chance to hand out stuff
        • Outfront’s Gala is in August 
    • – Where are we with quitting Twitter?
      • we aren’t ready to quit-quit 
    • – Reaching out to new people that I posted in board channel? General discussion around this.
      • Nick pinned this spreadsheet in the board channel. Committee chairs should be responsible to reach to their people
      • When someone fills out more than 2 committees- Nick or Meagan will reach out
    • – Time tracking – from WW
      • general discussion
    • General leagues cup discussion
      • Our general position is to promote open cup over leagues cup
  1. Open to Board
    • Khaled meeting
      • went well, was very open to questions
      • open to feedback about community partnerships
      • Both him and Eric wanted to meet with supporters
  1. Open to Public
    • None
  1. Set Date for Next Meeting
    • Alicia will do it through Slack
  1. Adjournment- 8:48pm 

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