Wonderwall crowd at rain game featuring person waving Dark Clouds Follow flag

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held in the back room at Black Hart on Sunday, March 20 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 21st, 2022



Board Members Present: Sam Solberg, Nick Moore, Jack McFarland, Maggi Heyer, Andy Kahl, Meagan Weber, Alicia Pedersen, Andrew Bruski, Shaun Sapala

Absent: Andy Wattenhofer

I. Call to Order

7:02 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

Jack motion to approve, Alicia seconds. No discussion. Motion carries.

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report

  • Provided 2021 Dark Clouds Sales Report
  • Brett Ahlgren has also left the WW finance committee. He was to be taking over the accounting from Andy W. Maggi noted that there are some leads to hire a PT accounting position. 
  • Nach has resigned from WW

b. Committee Updates 


Membership scarves ordered and should be here this coming weekend (so before home opener); new hats are on the way-limited quantities of new knit hat colors; blue thumbhole hoodies are still en route. Cards of Wonder likely will not be here for the opener, but we will do scarf pickup either way.


Meeting scheduled for Saturday at Iron Door before the match; working on flag designs; VOLUNTEERS are the big push for this season. 


Have some templates set up for some regular posts; Planning pre-scheduled content for the theme matches; Google template for a Loons win graphic set up; 1-2 weeks notice for events whenever possible. 

Silver Lining

Shirts are done; the appreciation party will be at La Dona on 02/22; looking at an early season event; CANMN donation drive with Red Loons on 03/13 away watch party locations.


Preseason happy hour was well attended at La Dona; hopefully get one on the books for BlackStack soon; scarf handouts will happen with or without the Card of Wonder and we will get those to them when they come in.


Need to touch base with BlackStack and La Dona (check-in on partnership status); Pryes has reached out to each watch party location so we are good there; ideas for ways to drive attendance at Eagan Arms are welcome; teamwork with other committees is going well.


Original planned home opener tifo was canceled and then a smaller one has been created in its place; some work was done this past weekend and more to be done this coming weekend; timing of signups has been an issue.

IV. Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from January
    • MCS Action Plan/Calendar (Andy K)-see MCS committee report; give more folks visibility into what is happening on socials and email
    • Gala4Goals donation; coordinate announcement with Tony Sanneh (Andy K, Andy W-did not hear back from Sanneh Foundation; will try to reach out post-Gala to see if they have more time then. 
    • Safe & Loud Campaign update-WW SGs all got on board and it was presented to the team, who are all for it. Working on getting masks for the opener (KN95s) and then work on the vaccine pop-up clinics later on (ideas as to how we get folks to attend these clinics are welcome). Still scheduled to meet with the team next week. 
  • Other Old Business
    • none

V. New Business

  • Pryes proposal-Jack
    • Link was posted in the board Slack; co-branded merch, they would make available in their taproom; photo shoot for media pushes; other marketing and media asks; big thing is they want Pryes to be the official beer of the DCs. Discussion held on that point-Jack will talk to Summit and also Pryes to get clarity on the asks. Jack will come back to the board with those responses and the board will review and vote on the proposal. 
  • ISC Bid-Sam
    • Our area of the country is in the running for a bid to host next year’s ISC Conference; WW execs have also been made aware of this bid, which is due March 11th. RL is on board, working on TNE and possibly Mpls Citizens. 
    • Partnerships will be extremely useful; need to look at the budget. Ninth Street Soccer would be a good partner to utilize for this.
    • Are there folks who want to help craft the bid? Jack, Meagan, Alicia
  • D4C update-Nick
    • Nick has the back-end stuff ready to go; input on where the money should go; Nick has a meeting with DGS on Thursday to discuss the project for this year.

VI. Open to Board

  • Meagan made the suggestion to bring to WW the idea of having an Away Day/Travel Lead Twitter handle so it can more easily be followed by members and easily passed on to future Travel Leads. 
  • Avenues for Youth reached out to see if we would be interested in hosting a table and inviting folks to their event at La Dona. Sam will post in the board channel for any interested volunteers.
  • Player of the Year award-what are we doing with this? 
  • Elections need to happen soon!

VI. Open to Public

Matt Johnson is joining us tonight. Matt will be doing photography for the DCs this year and we are very excited about that! Anything specific that we want photos of, let him know. He is going to also try to come to watch parties as time allows. Photos will be on mattjphoto.net after the matches are done and photos are edited. DCs will make sure to appropriately credit when using photos.

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

Meagan will set next board meeting via Slack. 

VIII. Adjournment


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