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The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Monday, February 21 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 10th, 2022



Board Members Present: Sam Solberg, Nick Moore, Jack McFarland, Maggi Heyer, Andy Kahl, Meagan Weber, Alicia Pedersen, Andrew Bruski, Shaun Sapala, Andy Wattenhofer

Absent: None

I. Call to Order

7:04 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

Jack motion to approve, Alicia seconds. No discussion. Motion carries.

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report

  • Avenues and United Way donations were made prior to the end of year. 
  • Not a whole lot to report on the WW side, except that our spending plan has been submitted. WW should be reviewing at their next board meeting.

b. Committee Updates 


  • In pre-season mode. 
  • Working on membership scarves and designing, hoping to have them at the beginning of the season. Another round of the beanies will go on sale in different colors. Hoodies should be done this week (blue ones are delayed because of supply chain issues). Silver Lining shirts are being printed as we speak. Memberships are live.


  • No updates; meeting needs to be scheduled. WW Matchday meeting is scheduled with the team for next week. Need to order flags. 


  • New member on the committee! Hayley will be helping out with Instagram. Andy is hoping to come up with an action plan for the season to make sure there is a clear understanding for things that are a “must happen”; we’ll add to the next agenda for more discussion. 

Silver Lining

  • Working on planning the Volunteer Appreciation Event for end of Feb. Not a ton of events at the moment.


  • Working on getting a meeting set up to discuss the soccer tourney at the end of the month. The happy hour for early January was postponed due to Covid. Hoping to get that rescheduled for late February at Black Stack.


  • Meeting occurred last Monday; went over the website and internal spreadsheet to look for outdated info. List was split amongst committee members to reach out to each contact and confirm benefits and what they might want to see moving forward. Meeting with Pryes this week. Iron Door is our new Minneapolis watch party location; they have both a Summit and Pryes account. Would like to get folks to the first away watch party on 02/26. 


  • WW committee meeting happened and 5 dates are being looked at, including the home opener. Looking at also doing some smaller scale ones. Tifo events will require masks and vaccine/negative test requirement to attend.

Party Planning Committee

  • Nothing to report
  • IV. Old Business

    • Update on Action Items from December
      • Bylaws amendment-poll in board channel unanimously supported. We do not have language for the bylaw change yet. We need to record this vote into the minutes, so we can hold a special meeting for just this change. Jack will re-work the bylaws and we will have a special meeting on Tuesday, 6:30pm, 01/18/22 via Zoom (Meagan will set up). 
      • Elections-proposing to hold elections the week of 02/14/22; with the bylaws amendment change, we might need more time. Discussion held re: in person event. Looking at maybe doing a live stream event with limited/no audience. Sam will look into how elections are run. Nick found the Google form for nominations; Survey Monkey is the platform for voting. Andy K. will handle building that out and email to the membership list (which we should have soon and loop in WW Pres to the email thread).  
    • Other Old Business
      • Gala4Goals-discussion held on whether we want to do a table. Rather than attending, we could do a charitable donation and forgo the seats. Andy K. could coordinate a video announcement with them to promote the donation and the foundation. Andy W. will reach back out to the foundation, looping Sam in. $5K donation.

    V. New Business

    • Covid protocols and matchday (Maggi)
      • What is our ask of the team for 2022? Maggi is hesitant about cutting all matchday activities again. 
      • WW is meeting with the team about matchday-looking for our President or VP to attend as well. Discussion held about possible options, including urging that the city mask mandate include outdoor stadiums. Other ideas: “Safe and Loud” mask campaign idea; add a vax clinic option at Allianz. We’re going to get something drafted to get to WW and start that discussion with those folks. 
    • Discuss email from Ari King, “Homage” (posted in Slack)-this could be something we could use to prep for the 20th DC anniversary. We could also use it for MCS promotions. 
    • Kevin Kjonaas, Avenues for Youth manager-unable to make the meeting. We will try to work out another chance to chat with him.

    VI. Open to Board

    • Support for MNUFC2 (Bruski)-open up the discussion about what kind of support we could give to them. Run buses to games? Capos? Curating a different (more old school) matchday experience.
    • DGS Update (Meagan)-Meagan is the new DGS President. With that, Alicia will be taking over full chair duties for Membership. Checks went out to both Como and Aces for the Auction and D4C.
    • Nick is in touch with the photographer we discussed so that we can move forward with that.
    • Sam sent Alex a gift card and card to thank her for everything she’s done for us this year.
    • Alicia-can we do some Slack channel cleanup? Or a volunteer refresh?

    VI. Open to Public

    No public present

    VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

    Meagan will set next board meeting via Slack. Meeting will be on Zoom. 

    VIII. Adjournment

    Meagan made motion to adjourn, Andy K seconded; 8:50pm

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