The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Monday, April 5 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2021



Board Members Present:  Nach Karnik, Sam Solberg, Nick Rodriguez, Meagan Weber, David Zeller, Andrew Bruski, Maggi Heyer, Jack McFarland, Ty Hoagland

Absent: Andy Kahl, Andy Wattenhofer, Shaun Sapala

I. Call to Order

Sam calls to order at 7:03

II. Approval of Minutes   

III. Branding Committee Presentation

See new brand and style guide PDF document.

Board voted to approve brand and style guide.

IV. Electing new board positions


President: Sam
Vice President: Nick
Secretary: Meagan
Treasurer: Andy W

V. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report  – Andy Wattenhofer

A. Follow up from last months business – Follow up with accounting/WW conversation

Andy W Absent

b. Committee Updates 


  1. About 140 memberships were sold. Orders will be placed soon.
  2. Pick up option will be given, then shipping will happen after
  3. New ideas in the works


  1. Waiting for announcements on if we are having in-person games


  1. Andy and Alec absent

Silver Lining

  1. Silver lining event two weeks ago. Donation drive. Over 300 diaper packs donated and enough laundry detergent for over 200 families.
    1. Event was very covid safe and fun!
  2. Free Bikes 4 Kids event is coming soon
  3. Bee run in April is going to be virtual and we’ll do a river cleanup.
  4. More info on new events coming soon.


  1. Alicia Pedersen is new membership co-chair with Meagan’s election to the board!
  2. Membership survey meetings have started.
  3. Timeline to get a survey out right after pre-season. April 9th – April 30th.
  4. Membership sub committee will reach out to other groups on what to add to the survey.


  1. Partnership is starting to reach out to partners now that a season is going to actually happen.  
  2. Melanie Metz massage partnership is going away because of storm chasing?


  1. Not a lot happening. Waiting on team announcement. Looking to re-deploy the banner used last season.

VI. Old Business

  1. Other Old Business
    1. Election recap on board positions
      1. 123 votes in election
      2. Average of what we’ve had the past couple of years and this was digital only.

VII. New Business

  1. DCCCC Update – Nick
    1. https://aces4kids.org
    2. Nick will have a conversation with Neil Logan about SAYEC
  2. Sol of The Cities Futsal League – Sam
    1. PDF posted in board channel
    2. Sam will explore doing at least silver level team sponsorship, maybe more. 
  3. 2021 Season Discussion – Open Discussion
    1. It’s looking like in-person games. What do we do?
      1. Board has agreed that this needs to be a decision that WW needs to agree upon. All SGs need to be on the same page with this.
      2. There can be a “safe” match day experience.
      3. We need to wait to see how the team decides to issue seats and tickets in spaces.
    2. Continue Virtual Watch parties
      1. Nick is on board with keeping this aspect of the season.
    3. Zeller is going to work with partner bars that will have more space and are alternatives to Black Hart
  4. Quick EoY Auction Update – Zeller
    1. Check was given to Andy W. from end of year auction.

VIII. Open to Board

  1. Annual Meeting
    1. Virtual annual meeting over twitch
    2. April 9th to help kick off the membership survey.
      1. This will also gives us a deadline to decide 2021 matchday experience and what that’s going to look like.

IX. Open to Public

  1. Thank you, Nach!
  2. Kudos to Andy K for kit contest.

X. Set Date for Next Meeting

  1. Meagan will set up the next meeting (!) soon so we can meet again before the annual meeting.

XI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned @ 8:54PM

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