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Do you remember soccer? 22 people running around a field kicking a ball? Sound familiar? Well it’s coming back and MLS is the 2nd American pro soccer league to restart. The creatively named ‘MLS is Back’ tournament hits screens July 8th and we’ve organized both in-person and virtual watch parties for MNUFC’s games!

July 6 Update: After careful consideration, we’ve chosen not to host our in-person watch parties for this tournament. Some of our partners will be showing the games and you can confirm this with them on their website.

Before getting to the details, we want to acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable dining-in at businesses right now. We want you to make choices that are right for you after reviewing the latest available guidance from the CDC and the Minnesota State Government. If that means staying home, we totally understand and have virtual watch parties you can join. If that means you’re want to hang out in person, we’ve got some great places where you can do it with other Dark Clouds.

No matter where you’re watching, there are Dark Clouds to party with!

In-Person Watch Parties

A lot of our partners bars and breweries have reopened for dine-in service in June and are hosting our watch parties for this tournament. As capacity at virtually all of our partner locations has been reduced, we’re trying to add more watch party locations than we usually do. The following establishments are hosting Dark Clouds watch parties:

We’re working on gathering the logistics for each location such as what you need to do to get a seat. We’ll have a detailed post in a week or so that tells you more.

Virtual Watch Parties

Staying home? We want you to join us on Twitch!

Every time MNUFC play, we’ll have one of our TogetherAloone virtual watch parties via Twitch. We’ve been enjoying these virtual watch parties since March and we’ve even got one this Saturday!

If you haven’t been to a virtual watch party, it’s 20-40 Dark Clouds in a chatroom watching a match together, talking things through and bantering. There’s 3-4 of us on video talking to you, answering questions and generally shooting the shit. It’s a ton of fun!

You’ll need access to the channels showing the games to watch the actual match because unlike our previous virtual watch parties, we won’t be able to stream the MLS games themselves. Instead you’ll see live video from our in-person watch parties alongside views of our watch party hosts. We’ll play trivia together and find new ways of supporting MNUFC virtually!

Look out for more details on both sets of watch parties soon!

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