The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Monday, June 29th at 6:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



Virtual – Zoom

Board Members Present: Meagan Weber, David Zeller, Nach Karnik, Jack McFarland, Andrew Bruski, Shaun Sapala, Sam Solberg, Nick Rodriguez

Absent: Andy Wattenhofer, Maggi Heyer

I. Call to Order

Sam called to order at 1:07PM

II. Approval of Minutes   

Megan moved to approve, Minutes approved.

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Absent

b. Committee Updates 


  1. Masks are almost all shipped.
    1. Delays shipping because of post office no longer being there.
  2. This week we will be shipping older orders.
  3. Hats and new t-shirts are being worked on.
  4. Pride merch is also being worked on.


  1. Absent


  1. Early this week social media control has been given over to some of the members of the committee.
  2. Open to board: What should our social channels look like this week?
    1. This will be covered in New Business section

Silver Lining

  1. Events have been rained out/canceled given current events.
  2. Drive for SL to do something around helping the community.
    1. Putting together a meeting this week to figure out what exactly the group is going to do.
    2. There is a COVID-19 policy in place for events.
      1. Meagan will share a link to this later


  1. Committee meeting about scarf shipping/pickup
    1. Putting out a poll to ask members what they would like to see from us?
  2. About 1000 scarfs to hand out at this point and only 170 on hand.
  3. Discussion about numbers of scarves that we handed out last year.


  1.   Black Hart was the only partnership business that was affected by rioting.

IV. Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from May
    • Feedback on what we (board) would like to see from Andy
      • Andy Absent
    • Shipping for Membership Scarves
      • See membership update above
  • Watch Parties – we are getting a clearer(ish) picture of what our season is going to look like. How do we want to handle these?
    1. Guidance on what we should be asking for from our partners
      1. Trial run with an NWSL match?
        1. This would be a virtual watch party
      2. Looking for possibilities of larger outdoor spaces
      3. Meagan will put together a guideline list for members to follow during watch parties
  • Tifo Update
    1. TNE reached out if there were empty stadium games doing something for Geroge Floyd.
      1. We need a bit more info on when games are going to happen if they are even going to happen at Allianz this year.
    2. Asking the team to do something outside of the stadium?
    3. Jack will put a message into WW slack about our meeting

V.          New Business.

  • Putting together a list/strategy for helping partners and businesses in the midway neighborhood and all over the twin cities
    •  Changing end of year auction to benefit 
    • Fundraising match in the short term
    • Longer term changing where we are moving end of year campaign 
  • Larger membership survey
    • Nach has access to survey software (qualtrics)
    • We need to collect questions that committees would like to ask for this survey.
      • The goal is to keep this to a 10 min survey so not all questions will get asked of members.
    • Ways to encourage participation
    • Next steps from Nach

VI. Open to Board

  • How is the app (chant) going – Sam?
    • We’ll discuss further on Slack about the set up.

VI. Open to Public

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

Will be set on Slack

VIII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned @ 2:43 PM

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