In professional sports, guarantees are hard to come by. There is one thing that can be guaranteed for the Loons’ 2019 season, however. This season is undoubtedly going to be the LOUDEST in franchise history as we move in our new lair of decibel-driven chaos formally known as Allianz Field.

As part of the continued effort to make MNUFC match days a sonic hellscape for all opponents who dare to enter, a cooperative of MNUFC supporters are proud to announce the formation of the THUNDERWALL.

What is the THUNDERWALL?

The THUNDERWALL (always written in all-caps for maximum typographical loudness) is an effort to better organize the supporter-driven percussion efforts on MNUFC match days. This will help keep our chant-filled brouhahas better synchronized, our cadence more pronounced, and opposing goalkeeper’s days completely miserable.

We chose the name THUNDERWALL because of an equal love for puns and Minnesota soccer tradition. The name THUNDERWALL perfectly captures the desire we have to complement the Wonderwall’s cacophonous matchday atmosphere. Also, the team used to be called the Thunder a while back… Get it now? Yeah, it’s pretty solid name.

Members of all supporters groups (Wonderwall-affiliated or not) are eligible to join the THUNDERWALL. The only prerequisites are that you be reliable, have a good attitude, and can keep a good beat. Shifts will usually occur in full half increments, and you can volunteer for as many or as little matches as you feel comfortable.

Interested? Come join us for an introductory meeting on Saturday, March 23rd at Headflyer Brewing from 2-4 pm!

You can also fill out this form to get your name added to our communications list.

THUNDERWALL Mission Statement:

“On match day, the Thunderwall exists to provide a cohesive heartbeat and pounding pulse for the supporters groups and the stadium in order to motivate the fans to encourage our beloved Loons to a victory. Thunderwall does not endorse or discriminate against any supporters group; but when you’re on the line you are representing the Wonderwall, Minnesota United, and our great community. We are here to provide intensity, professionalism, attitude, and unity for all fans. Remember the crest!”


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