All SG Matchday Meeting | Photo by Abe Opoti

Recently we announced the winners of the recent Dark Clouds Board of Directors election.

Last Saturday, the board voted those newly elected members of the executive board into their new positions.

Here are a few words from the executive board members:

Samantha Solberg | President

I joined the Dark Clouds in 2014 and have been involved across the organization. I am passionate about our mission to create an inclusive supporters group and our commitment to serving the community.

My priorities in the next year include welcoming new members, establishing a transparent Dark Clouds board, and working with other SGs to create a strong Wonderwall while maintaining and celebrating our own identity and history.

Nachiket Karnik | Vice-President

I have been a member of the Dark Clouds since 2013 and at various times have led the Matchday, Travel and Communications committees. I started our capo section as we know it today in 2014 and it’s still my first love on gamedays.

There’s nothing like having a section full of people thundering at you! If you see me at a game or tailgate, say hi. I’d love to hear what makes you proud to be a Dark Cloud.

Zoey Peterson | Secretary

As a board member, I hope to play a role in building a new leadership structure. I also hope to achieve more involvement from members by being visible and approachable on matchdays and beyond.

I will continue to meet and recruit new members while continuing to embody the Dark Clouds mission of inclusion.


Andy Reierson | Treasurer

I have been heavily involved in our matchday operations and philanthropic efforts since joining Dark Clouds in 2017. As part of the executive board, I hope to expand our Silver Lining and membership outreach efforts in addition to my responsibilities as Treasurer.

I am extremely proud to serve on the board that will lead this phenomenal group during the first year in our new home at Allianz Field.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meetings

A key point of developing our new leadership structure was to make the meetings and decisions of our board of directors as open and accesible as possible to the membership at large.

In an effort to promote transparency, we’ll be communicating the dates and times of our Board of Directors meetings ahead of time. Stay tuned to social media for the latest information. Or, subscribe to our google calendar to keep on top of meeting times and locations (in addition to our other events).

Our next Board of Directors meeting is planned for 5:00pm on Saturday, 3/23 at the Black Hart of St. Paul.

3/9 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds

March 9, 2019

Black Hart of Saint Paul– 1415 University Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Board Members:

Present: Andrew Beck, David Zeller, Sam Solberg, Nach Karnik, Andy Reierson, Maggi Heyer-Erlandson, Jake Chalcraft, Rich Harrison

Phone: Ben Krouse-Gagne, Zoey Peterson                                                        

Absent: Jim Crist, David Martin


Meeting called to order at  5:10pm. Chaired by Andrew Beck

Old Business:

Secretary report – N/A

Treasurer report – N/A

New Business:

  1. Elect Secretary and Treasurer

  • Motion to elect Zoey Peterson for Secretary – running uncontested

  • Nach
  • Second: David Z

  • Motion to elect Andy Reireson for Treasurer – running uncontested

  • David Z
  • Second: Maggi

II.    Candidates for president statements of intent

Nach statement summary

–       Increased member involvement

–       Growth of membership

–       Building strong relationship with Wonderwall (WW) board

–       Gather input from stakeholders regarding future decisions

–       Establish a strong identity

Sam statement summary

–         Increased member involvement

–         Growth and inclusion of new members

–         History with WW board

–         Aid in the future of Silver Linings

–         More transparency regarding leadership

III. Meeting Closed for President Vote

  • Sam Solberg is elected President.
  • Nach Karnik is elected Vice-President


      Meeting called back to order at 5:51pm. Chaired by Sam Solberg

New Business (cont):

IV. Discussion of Board Roles and Outside Advisors

Discussion started by stating the value of seeking mentorship from previous board members. Ideas on implementing mentorships:

–       Advisory panel

–       Creating a finance committee

–       Formalized board advisor position

      All ideas were met with mixed opinions on how to move forward. There was no immediate resolution. Future discussion regarding the use of mentors, will proceed after previous board members are contacted.

Future Actions:

Action Item Member(s) Responsible Due By
Contact previous Treasurer Andy Reierson  
Reviewing of bylaws All board members 3/24/19
Goals for the year   3/24/19
Set a standard date, time, location for BoD meetings   3/24/19
Board roles defined Sam, Nach, Andy R, & Zoey 3/24/19

Next Meeting:

      Saturday, March 23, 2019


      Black Hart of Saint Paul – 1415 University Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN 55104


      Meeting adjourned by Sam Solberg at 6:10pm

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