Hey Dark Clouds

We are excited to announce the formation of a leadership structure and bylaws for the Dark Clouds supporters group. As many of you know this year the Dark Clouds SG and Dark Clouds General Benefit Corporation began the separation of operations so that each could better perform their core functions. The most visible sign of this is the GBC renaming to Wonderwall GBC.

We announced this spring that a working group of Dark Clouds SG leaders have been creating a new leadership structure. We concluded that work a few weeks ago and are very happy to share what we believe is the best structure to lead the group forward. We believe we struck a great balance between openness to new faces and ideas and ensuring continuity and consistency.

We won’t go into all the details of the new structure right here, but the complete bylaws document is available at this link. We used the original GBC bylaws as a guidepost and built from there. Here are the most important things we think you all should know.

  • The new board of directors will consist of eleven members, with seven of them being committee heads (membership, merch, tifo, marketing and communications, partnerships, matchday, and travel) and the other four will be elected by the entire membership.
  • The four elected directors will serve two year terms staggered so that two seats are up for election each year. These four directors will serve in the executive roles of the group: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
  • Every Dark Clouds member may run for any of the four elected positions. To ensure the most committed and qualified candidates are up for election a nominations committee will vet candidates and the board will approve their findings before each election in the spring.
  • All board of directors meetings will be open to the public, advertised beforehand, and minutes will be posted.
  • Membership in the Dark Clouds is defined by either being 1) a supporters section season ticket holder who picks the Dark Clouds as their SG at the time of purchase, or 2) anyone who purchases a Dark Clouds individual membership for the calendar year.

We are excited about the future of the Dark Clouds and strongly believe this a great model for leadership going forward. If you have any questions or feedback about any of this please feel reach out to the working group at workinggroup@dark-clouds.com

Come on You Loons!


Working Group Members

Andrew Beck

Andrew Bruski  

Jake Chalcraft 

Maggi Heyer-Erlandson

Katie Jarvi   

Ben Krouse-Gagne

May Losloso 

David Martin

Jim Oliver

Edu Rosales  

Kate Thersleff 

Andy Wattenhofer

Meagan Weber 

David Zeller  

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