The Dark Clouds and fellow MNUFC supporters groups are holding an open forum on Friday, 8/3, to discuss matchday operations and chants.

The meeting will take place at Sisyphus Brewing at 7:00pm.

Matchday leads from the various supporters groups will be in attendance to discuss any issues, address any concerns and share their vision for how to make the Wonderwall as awesome as possible.


WHO: Dark Clouds and Fellow MNUFC Supporters Groups
WHAT: Matchday Townhall Meeting
WHERE: Sisyphus Brewing | 712 Ontario Ave W #100, Minneapolis
WHEN: Friday, 8/3/18 | 7:00pm

2 thoughts on “Matchday Town Hall Meeting

  1. Is it possible to get these meetings added to the Google Calendar? There have been several planning, organizational, or tifo related meetings announced like this but none of them show up on the the Google Calendar even though there’s a big link to said calendar just to the right.

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