Photo by Daniel Mick Photography

Photo by Daniel Mick Photography

See, the thing about flags is…

Just kidding. We’ve got a matchday guide to cover here. The Loons are hosting the traveling Impact on Saturday, May 26th, in what’s poised to be a great match.

While i’m personally excited about the match, I’m still trying to figure out why they would name their team after a 1998 movie starring Robert Duvall.

Here’s what we have in store for Match Day;

Red Card to Racism Fundraisers

The Dark Clouds are teaming up with Red Card to Racism to help send the Idaho Juniors FC to the USA Cup. In an effort to help their cause, we’ll be sponsoring two fundraisers at our pre-match parties this week. If you’re able to donate, please do. More details below.


In St. Paul, we’ll be getting tuned up for the match at the Dubliner. With specials like $3 Summit beers and $6 wing baskets and a bunch of flag-waving Dark Clouds, you’ll feel right at home.

In addition to the normal specials, the Dubliner has donated 10 Maroon tickets to MNUFC matches that will be auctioned off in support of Red Card to Racism.


You know what’s great? Surly. You know what’s even better? Having the Nomad donate a dollar to Red Card to Racism for every Surly you drink at the pre-match party.

Join up at the Nomad, get Surly, and donate to a great cause. See you there!


In addition to all of the above, the Dark Clouds merch crew will have their tables and tubs in tow at both watch parties. If you don’t buy stuff, they get too sauced before the match. Please, keep them occupied and buy things.


Want to play a bigger part in how we run the matchday experience? Fill out the volunteer form below. We’re always looking for passionate people to wave flags, help out with hanging the nation flags at the top of the section, and other fun things that the matchday crew get going.

You can fill out the form here to get involved.


For those of you who don’t know yet, the Dark Clouds have teamed up in a cross-supporters group effort to help make the matchday experience the best it can be.

Along with that comes guiding principles to help keep the section a safe, and ridiculously loud and fun place. If you’re headed to the match, take a second to scope out the code of conduct at the top of the section. Or, put some eyes on it, here.

Reminder; flags (giant or otherwise) are part of the match day experience in the supporters section and always will be. If you experience flags blocking part of your view, take advantage of the general admission aspect of the section and move to a spot where you’re less obstructed.


WHO: Dark Clouds and friends
WHAT: MNUFC v Montreal
WHEN: Saturday, May 26th | 7pm


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