Capo Sam Yelling A Chant (Photo: Daniel Mick)

Capo Sam (Photo: Daniel Mick)

DOOP? What the hell is DOOP? Let’s find out together when our boys in black and blue host the Philadelphia. Bring a friend or six, pick up some sweet supporter section tix, and watch our Loons tear into a bunch of sad mustard bottles.

This week well be tailgating at the Dubliner pub where you’ll get $3 Summit Beers (All Varieties) and $0.50 wings (Buffalo, BBQ or Plain) for your trouble. The Dubliner is right off the Green Line on University Ave and has parking available around it.

Merch will be sold at the Dubliner between 4:300 pm and 6:15 pm. The Dubliner is also where you can snag your “Gameday Pickup” orders.

Our Matchday Guide page has all the basics including information about other bars with specials and regulations for carrying flags and musical instruments into the stadium.

Need to pick up your membership card or member scarves?
Head to our merch table at the Dubliner Pub before the game between 4:30 pm and 6:15 pm. Membership cards and scarves will not be handed out at the stadium during the game.

Want to play the bass drum or wave a flag?
Email to get involved.

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