Supporters exit the bus during our 2016 trip to Indy. (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

Supporters exit the bus during our 2016 trip to Indy. (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

With how many match tickets we’ve sold, Chicago is going to be the largest MNUFC away trip ever! For those of you who want an extra-fun experience, we’ve now got a bus organized for you to travel with your fellow supporters.

Cut out the traffic hassle. Don’t stress about delayed flights. Get on the bus with 40 of your soccer pals.

The bus departs midway Saint Paul at 7:30 a.m. on August 26th (matchday) and then returns around 6:00 a.m. the following morning (there is no overnight stay).

Bus tickets are $82 and you can get one by clicking here.

Still need a ticket to the match too? You can get a match ticket by clicking here.

Sponsor Details

Every bus trip we do, we try and find the best sponsors available. Here are this trip’s sponsors.

  • Blackeye Roasting Co: Providing high-quality, high caffeine nitro infused cold brew coffee. Get up for Match Day with Blackeye.
  • Blackstack Brewing: Providing delicious crowlers (that’s a thing) of their wonderful beer, making it easier to get ready to sing and stand for 90+ minutes
  • Town Hall Brewery: Donating exceptional beer from their reserves. Down a few dozen ounces and meet your new best friend on the bus with us.
  • Lupulin Bewery: Known for their Hooey and Blissful Ignorance IPAs, Lupulin is going to make sure the bus is hopping!

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