Our first visit to our home in 2017.

Our first visit to our home in 2017.

The Dark Clouds have always aimed to provide an inclusive space, free from hate speech. As many of you may have heard, another soccer game this past week was marred by a homophobic goalkick chant. To ensure we don’t see similar scenes in Minnesota, we’d like to address this chant and lay out the consequences for if it is used in our section. For the sake of new fans and clarity, we’re going to name the chant in this article once and then refer to is as “the homopobic chant.”

The “puto” chant has absolutely no place in soccer or anywhere else. It is a derogatory slur used against the LGBTQ community, and we must work to relegate it to the history books, just as we do with hooliganism, violence, and misogyny.

Anyone who uses the homophobic chant will be kicked out of our section and reported to stadium staff.

We were very proud last year when the team we support, Minnesota United FC, created a video to condemn the homophobic chant and discourage fans from using it:

This is the typically the point at which explanations pop up for the homophobic chant, attempting to normalize it. Let us be clear with our response:

We simply do not care how you justify using the chant. The homophobic, hateful chant is NOT WELCOME in our section.

Enough of our friends and neighbors in the LGBT community have told us that the slur has been used against them and that they find it hurtful. Even our youngest members are grown up enough to trust the perspective of their fellow Dark Clouds and respect their wishes.

To reiterate: Use the homophobic goalkick chant and you will be kicked out of the supporters section.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about the intersection of the LGBT community and sport, we’d encourage you to visit Athlete Ally and get involved.

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