We made a new cloud. We think it combines the best of our past with where we’re headed.

The New Cloud

The Dark Cloud was born when hardcore fans of the Thunder created pins to recognize each other at games. It wasn’t a “supporters group” it didn’t have a name even. Just a symbol, that showed you were one of us.

Let’s keep it that way.

Evolution of the new cloud
Evolution of the new cloud

New league be dammed, we wanted a cloud that didn’t look like, feel like, or answer to, the expectations of other fans. This isn’t about MLS or other soccer fans. It’s about us.

We think our new cloud carries on our history. It evolves our symbol into a war banner instead of a Portland hipster barber shop logo. And the addition of follow? That just welcomes more people to join us. Or commands them really…

This new cloud is culmination of a long artistic process. It turns out it’s pretty hard to draw clouds that don’t just look like poop.

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