At the Supporters Summit, the Dark Clouds General Benefit Corporation (DCGBC) shareholders will be voting to elect 3 individuals to the DCGBC Board of Directors.

What does a Board Member do? How do I nominate myself?

We published a handy guide to that earlier this week (Look for the section titled ‘Dark Clouds GBC and its Board of Directors’). While there are only a few meetings each year board members attend in person, they are asked to remain plugged into the organization’s work and remain in close contact online.

You can nominate yourself for a position on the board by using this form.

How do I vote? Who is a shareholder?

To vote in the Board of Directors Election, you must be a shareholder of of Dark Clouds GBC. You can purchase a non-transfereable share of DCGBC for $5 using this Eventbrite Form. Share sales will end 48 hours prior to the Supporters Summit.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, March 2nd, you will receive an e-mail with a voting link. Voting will continue till Friday, March 4th. You will not need to be present at the Supporters Summit to vote.

Yes, this makes less sense than the term “Railhawk”, so let’s break it down into some important points:

  • A  DCGBC Shareholder and a ‘Member’ of the Dark Clouds are two separate things. You could choose to purchase both a share and then also become a member (by buying a season ticket or an individual membership) but neither is necessary to purchase the other. You could be a ‘DCGBC shareholder’ without being a ‘member of the Dark Clouds’ or vice versa.
  • You do not need to be a shareholder OR member to attend the Supporters Summit. Anyone is welcome to attend our event! It’s totally free. Cool, right?
  • You must be a shareholder to receive a ballot. You do not need to be a shareholder to purchase your own beer at the event. Beer is a necessity.

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