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RCTR is an annual youth soccer fundraiser that aims to send a message of inclusion and unity to the participants and the wider world.

Each year Silver Lining aim to raise funds to bring a youth soccer team primarily composed of immigrants and people to color to the USA Cup tournament in Blaine, MN.


The goal of Red Card To Racism’s fundraiser is simple: Bring a youth soccer team to the Schwan’s USA Cup.

The USA Cup (held in Blaine, Minnesota in July each year) is a prestigious youth soccer tournament that brings together teams from around the globe. We want the kids on our team to meet their counterparts from all over the world and play in this tournament.

While the 2018 fundraiser was a smashing success, Red Card to Racism’s mission continues. The past six months have seen a sad cavalcade of racist incidents making headlines in the soccer community and the world at large. In 2019, Red Card to Racism has partnered with Silver Lining to continue fundraising for the fight against bigotry.

Many soccer players and fans alike have the game to thank for putting them side by side with people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths, but our youth still face an uphill battle in a world of intolerance. The goal of Red Card to Racism is to show youth soccer players that for every individual who stands against them, there are many more of us who stand alongside them and support them.

Our goal of $24,000, will cover the following expenses for a team of 16 players, 3 coaches and 2 adult chaperones:

  • Tournament registration fees
  • Room & board in the tournament dorm
  • Laundry during the tournament
  • Shipping/luggage fees necessary for a soccer team traveling between states.

Your donation of any amount will help us bring a team to the USA Cup! Please give towards our goal by clicking here: Donate Now

Red Card To Racism 2018

RCTR was born out of an incident in early 2018. Early that year, Idaho Juniors FC’s coach Jeromy Tarkon found a note on his windshield that read “It’s because of liberals like you, that our state is full of nigers and wetbacks.” This was just the latest in a long line of racist incidents targeting the Boise-based youth team that has players from ten nationalities playing on it. Coaches, parents, and even boys as young as 9 and 10 have heard serious racial abuse during games. 

As news stories regarding the note incident began to circulate, two soccer fans in Minnesota, Nachiket Karnik and Bridget McDowell, decided the time had come to take action and created Red Card To Racism. Nachiket and Bridget wanted to demonstrate to the boys in IJFC that for every bigot they encountered, there are thousands of us who are ready to repudiate racism and support those different than us.

An online fundraiser set up by RCTR saw an outpouring of support from the soccer community and raised nearly $13,000. Pro soccer players Landon Donovan, Miguel Ibarra, Herculez Gomez and Jerome Thiesson expressed support for the fundraiser bringing in donations. A private donation of $10,000 was provided by Brave New Media that put RCTR past the threshold needed to ensure Idaho Juniors FC could enter the USA Cup. The Sanneh Foundation were critical early partners for RCTR, helping with logistical and organizational support.

The team’s first event in Minnesota was a welcome barbeque hosted by Dark Clouds Silver Lining and catered by local restaurant Bark & the Bite. Idaho Juniors were also honored by being asked to bring out the American flag at the opening ceremony of the USA Cup in front of teams from around the globe.

The tournament saw Idaho Juniors play four well-contested games and meet other players from around the world. They also got to attend a Minnesota United FC game where the boys and head coach Jeromy Tarkon were presented with the L’Etoille du Nord award:

When it was time to say goodbye, the Sanneh Foundation hosted a barbeque at the Conway Community Center that included a scrimmage: