Dark Clouds Flags and Scarves being held up in the Wonderwall

Photo by Matt Johnson (mattjphoto.net)

Tuesday, December 11, 2023 7:00pm

Virtual (https://zoom.us/j/92501111691?pwd=TXZSNUdwbEtmTm5GYjBHMG1SV1RwUT09)

Board Members

Present: Jackson Smith, Meagan Weber, Maggi Heyer, Andrew Bruski, Jack McFarland, Jens Selin, Alicia Pedersen, Andy Wattenhofer, Nick Moore

Absent: Andy Kahl, Jim Crist, 

  1. Call to Order 7:03pm
  1. Last Meeting Minutes
  1. Reports of Officers and Committees
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • Board of Directors report 12/12/2023
      • Have a deficit at the end of the year – but supported by money that we made before WW and DC accounts merged
        • Working on figuring out what the actual amount is
        • Should work on more accurate budgeting to help deficits
        • Everything slowed down towards the end of the year
      • May be good to have a future meeting/discussion about charitable merch and donations
    • Committee Updates
      • Merch
        • Not much right now
      • Matchday
        • Planning for next year
        • Will need to order flags and banners for next season with new branding
      • Mar/Com/Social
        • Had a good conversation about options on 12/5
          • Ditching Hootsuite in favor of Fedica
            • Fedica supports Bluesky and is free
            • May look in to paying for Fedica if want additional analytics in the future depending on how it works
          • Quiet-quit Twitter
            • Saving any overt messaging for the start of next season
          • Lots of discussion about future opportunities (including Chant)
        • Working on Year-in-Review newsletter as the last newsletter of the year
          • Get any important donation information to Alicia for newsletter (and Maggi for WW Annual Report)
      • Membership
        • No updates
      • Partnership
        • Sociable want to meet to discuss a partnership
          • Cider donations?
          • Member benefits?
          • Use of event space?
        • Talisman want to meet too for collaborations (or other opportunities)
      • Tifo
        • Waiting on MLS schedule to drop
      • Silver Lining
        • Polar Plunge in March
        • Volunteer Appreciation Party on February 27 – more details to come
        • January Events
          • 2nd Harvest
          • Luminary Loppet
        • PanCan in April
      • Party Planning
        • Raised $3,800
        • Had a successful party
        • Shifting focus to Annual Meeting iN February
  1. Old Business
    • Updates on Action Items from November
      • Annual Meeting Date – Alicia
        • February 4
        • Still need to check with Wes
      • Election – Nick
        • Talked with Zeller to figure out details for how to best do it
        • Likely to use Google Form for the process
        • Open nominations in mid-January
    • Other Old Business
      • 20th Anniversary Update
        • Designer is actively working on a new design – should receive shortly
      • Committee Budgets
  1. New Business
    • None
  1. Open to Board
    • None
  1. Open to Public
    • MNUFC Player Awards
      • Shifting them closer to the end of the regular season may be better so we can actually present the awards to the players
        • Still do DC-specific awards at EOY party
      • With both the loon and acrylic awards, do we need both?
    • New Awards
      • Do we want to add new ones or change them with the new brand?
  1. Set Date for Next Meeting
    • Poll for the date will be out by the end of the week
      • Avoid ISC
  1. Adjournment 8:21pm

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