Sunday, November 12, 2023 5:00pm

Black Hart of Saint Paul

Board Members

Present: Jackson Smith, Meagan Weber, Andrew Bruski, Jack McFarland, Alicia Pedersen, Nick Moore

Absent: Andy Kahl, Maggi Heyer, Jens Selin, Andy Wattenhofer, Jim Crist

  1. Call to Order 5:09pm
  1. Last Meeting Minutes October 2023 Dark Clouds Board Meeting Minutes
    • Nick Moore moved to approve. Meagan seconded. 5-0 vote to approve on Slack.
  1. Reports of Officers and Committees
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Committee Updates
      • Merch
        • Still have a few pick-ups waiting
      • Matchday
        • Only one flag missing
        • Waiting to hear about new capo stands
        • Community megaphones are in rough shape – have budgeted for replacements
        • Looking to do another volunteer push next year
        • TW may be doing off-season practices – will hopefully have capos there
      • Mar/Com/Social
        • Need more for volunteers
        • Will need a push in the next few weeks for end-of-year party stuff
      • Membership
        • Working on finishing up mailing out scarves – close to done
        • Survey is in the works (hopefully out in January)
      • Partnership
        • Emails out for auction donations for end-of-year party
        • Have some updates for the website in the works
        • Still working on Sociable
      • Tifo
        • Working on budgeting and planning for next year tifos
      • Silver Lining
        • Clean up event 11/11
          • 23-ish people collected trash around Midway
      • Party Planning
        • Party happening on December 6
        • Voting for awards is live – closing on November 15
        • Charities
          • Como High School
          • Bridge for Youth
        • Doing well on collecting auction items
  1. Old Business
    • Updates on Action Items from October
      • None
    • Other Old Business
      • 20th Anniversary Update
        • We have signed on a designer – will get a brief in the next week or so
        • Hope to have everything done late January
      • Committee Budgets
        • Started to come in – close to finalized
        • Will do a Slack vote when ready to send to WW
  1. New Business
    • Twitter 3rd Parties
      • Twitter may be losing functionality
      • Chant may be a place to replace it
      • Looking at other options to make everything easier and make communication easier – especially with scheduling communication
    • Elections
      • Annual Meeting, February 4 (tentative)
      • One position up for election
      • Nick Moore will run the election
  1. Open to Board
    • None
  1. Open to Public
    • None
  1. Set Date for Next Meeting
    • Week of December 11 – voting poll up shortly
  1. Adjournment 6:01 pm

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