Several flags, including Dark clouds follow flag over field during Seattle and MNUFC game at Allianz field

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The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held in the North Room at Pryes Brewing on Tuesday, April 12 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 20, 2022


Black Hart of St. Paul

Board Members Present: Sam Solberg, Nick Moore, Meagan Weber, Alicia Pedersen, Andrew Bruski

Absent: Andy Wattenhofer, Maggi Heyer, Jack McFarland, Andy Kahl, Shaun Sapala

I. Call to Order

7:06 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

Alicia motion to approve, Bruski seconds. Motion carries.

III. Reports of Officers and Committees

a. Treasurer’s Report

Andy sent Board of Directors report 3/20/22 with sales and expenses from first three months. Board reviewed and really like this new format.

b. Committee Updates 

  • Merch
    • Beanies are in and selling well. New shirts coming, both pre-sale and a bulk order to sell all the time. 
  • Matchday
    • First set of new flags are still in progress, hoping to get them soon. New flag poles have been acquired as well as a bin for storage/transport, worked well for first game. Will be submitting receipt for poles and barrel soon. The team is instituting a flag check-in table. If you are entering with a flag enter there to expedite entry, flags should not go through the media entrance unless you have an early entry wristband. (Might be helpful to push this info on socials).
    • Jens dealt with a large flag issue from an unaffiliated ticket holder who was flying in the center section. A lot of complaints were coming from folks because they couldn’t see the field. We are going to tell him he needs to be off to one of the side sections. 
  • Mar/Com/Social
    • Generally, we’ve had good engagement on our posts so far this season. Would the board be interested in more formal performance reporting?-yes, if we could get some metrics quarterly from you that would be great. 
    • We’re starting a new process to include a proofreading pass of the newsletter. This will mean that I’ll have to start adhering to the Sunday-before deadline for inclusion. Please do what you can to make that happen.
    • Just a general statement of support for the decision to hire Matt Johnson for photos. It’s great to have a reliable (and growing) source of images for posts.
  • Silver Lining
    • The Appreciation Party went well & everyone seemed to have a good time.
    • Second Harvest event scheduled for this Thursday 3/24
    • There are a number of events coming up that will test our depth. Couple of events are set for back to back weekends.
    • FB4K Ironman, PanCAN Ride, Bee Run.
    • Still looking for some new opportunities to develop.
  • Membership
    • Scarf handout is going well so far. Need to keep pushing handouts in the newsletter. Do another handout on 04/02 and the annual meeting on 03/27. Possibly do a garage sale with Merch and push that as the final in person scarf pickup. 
  • Partnership
    • Jack has not had a chance to follow up with Summit or other breweries
  • Tifo
    • There will be a tifo for the April 23rd Chicago match. Signup is out for those shifts. 
    • There is a new tifo lead now with Beck stepping down. 
  • Party Planning Committee
    • Nothing to report

IV. Old Business

  • Update on Action Items from February
    • Update about Pryes (Jack)-table to April or discuss in Slack
    • Board Election (Sam)-it is happening. Call for nominations is out. Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, 03/27. We will encourage those who are running to attend and give an election speech. Zeller is still helping with election stuff and will reach out to Summit about a beer deal. Committee chairs who want volunteers should plan a pitch. 
  • Other Old Business
    • None

V. New Business

  • Jonah Fields, Como Park Schools,
    • Soccer Stars at Como, 4 nights during the summer hosting soccer activities for kids in the community (06/15, 06/22, 06/29, 07/13). Partnered with Urban Village. Proposing a fundraiser linked with the program-raise money to purchase baby formula for new mothers for the Burmese refugee community. Looking to enhance our relationship and build on the Dark Clouds donation to the school’s soccer program. Idea-would the Dark Clouds create a shirt that is free to camp participants and also for sale as a fundraiser? Bruski is suggesting we do a pre-sale shirt so we have that money; also putting out the call for donations from our group. Jonah will follow up and get us looped in on another Zoom call in the next week. 

VI. Open to Board

  • Closing meeting for discussion. 

VI. Open to Public.

  • No public present

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  • Meagan will do in Slack. Provided Covid cases remain low and folks feel comfortable, we’ll do the April meeting in person. 

VIII. Adjournment


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