Dark Clouds Follow Flag (Photo: Daniel Mick)

Dark Clouds Follow Flag (Photo: Daniel Mick)

The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Tuesday, December 14 at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 15th, 2021


The Black Hart of St. Paul

Board Members Present:  Sam Solberg, Alicia Pedersen, Shaun Sapala, Andrew Bruski, Meagan Weber, Nick Moore, David Zeller, Jack McFarland

Absent: Andy Kahl, Andy Wattenhofer, Maggi Heyer

I. Call to Order


II. Approval of Minutes

Alicia made a motion to approve, Bruski seconded. Motion carries.

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report

Budget update: This is based entirely on 2021 spending. I have tried to fill in a couple of things that I know are coming   but I do not have numbers for, and those have ?? for the cost. Here is what I would like us to do:

  • fill in those missing numbers-need numbers from Neal re: EOY awards
  • add any additional items we expect to spend for next year-Partnerships and scarves (30 scarves, approx $225); Silver Lining new shirts and appreciation party (we will look at numbers and get those to Andy); 
  • remove any that we do not expect to have next year-remove streaming fees
  • summarize what is left into single line items for each committee

Made progress; the rest we will do over Slack in the next week or so

b. Committee Updates 


319 Heartberry sweatshirts! One more item will be out before the end of the year. Brainstorming for next year, need scarf slogan ideas.


Nothing to report

Mar/Com/Social-Update from Andy K:

I’d like to consider sending Shari Ballard a letter, introducing us and explaining why we’re supporters. Some items to discuss:

  • It would be great to deliver this with a video of DCs reading a portion to illustrate the “we’re humans who really like this stuff” thesis
  • Should we do this in cooperation with WW? Is there more value in seeing different scarves & hats and things or in us stating our specific case?
  • Should this be an open letter? (Shared publicly as well as sent directly to her)
  • What’s the timing given the upcoming meeting?
    • Meeting is tomorrow-Nick and Sam can report back and see if they think this is the way to go. The offseason should provide a reset and we think Shari seems willing to meet the SGs. 
    • Videos from the PDX match on Sunday; tag us on social media. let traveling supporters know that we are looking for videos if they have good ones that we can use for hype videos, promos, etc. 

Silver Lining

Two volunteer events coming up: Dome raising with Sanneh and Free Bikes 4 Kidz. Pryes is going to sponsor and donate for the event. Reach out to Pryes and see if they want to provide some volunteers as well? We’ll get tweets out this week. No Sanneh Legends Cup. Gala for Goals will be 02/26/2022. New shirts need to be ordered. 


Meeting this Wednesday at Pryes to talk about offseason happy hours and when we will reschedule the Ninth Street event (hoping for January). Party Planning Committee met last week to go over EOY details. Online auction to open a few days early and close at 8pm), Pres perspective; awards, etc. Wes is scheduling karaoke. Event will have a vaccine requirement. Several good donations already in. 


Zeller is stepping down after this year. Jack will take over as Chair. Meeting will take place after the season to discuss partner relationships, etc. Offseason will be a reset/taking stock of where partners are at after the last couple of years. Jack is going to come to the Membership meeting on Wednesday, so we can chat more about how to do our offseason happy hours. Pryes partnership is evolving-they want to do more co-branding events, merch, bigger things, than just something like a dollar off a beer on matchday. 


Nothing to report

IV. Old Business

  1. Update on Action Items from October
    1. None
  2. Other Old Business
    1. None

V. New Business

  1. Meeting with Sheri
    1. Questions from Board to bring to the meeting
      1. ”get to know you” meeting.
      2. What are her goals with the SGs? Symbiotic relationship. 

VI. Open to Board

  1. Nothing

VI. Open to Public

  1. Nothing

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  1. Week of 12/13

VIII. Adjournment


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