The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Sunday, November 29 at 5:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes




Board Members Present:  Nach Karnik, Sam Solberg, Meagan Weber, Andy Wattenhofer, David Zeller, Andrew Bruski, Jack McFarland, Shaun Sapala, Maggi Heyer, Ty Hoagland

Absent: None

I. Call to Order

Sam calls to order at 7:03PM 

II. Approval of Minutes   

Sam made a motion to approve, Nach Seconded. Motion approved

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report – Andy Wattenhofer

A. Andy has had conversations with Abe and WW board about setting up reporting processing.

B. WW has effectively had no income this year(nothing from pass-thru dollars)

WW did partial receive 2020 pass thru in 2019. Team does owe for part of the 2020 season yet as well.

Company still in a fine place financially. But asks from all SG’s are harder with no income.

C. WW looking to bring on an accounting firm in future as well.

b. Committee Updates 


  1. Hoodie sales – sold 95 total and most profitable pre-sale items.
  2. Garage sale – earned +$1,700 from this event.
  3. Coming soon – Knit hats, another T-shirt as well.
  4. Merch is shipping again from the office.


  1. Meeting with Austin FC supporters group, to help mentor on what match day is like for us.


  1. Dealing with recruitment needs currently. Without new things to do on social media, engagement has been lower than normal.
  2. Newsletter guy has backed out and Nach will take that over again temporarily.
  3. Looking for 3 or 4 new people.
  4. New policy for events, now required to be in 1 week before the post needs to go out.

Silver Lining

  1. Events!
    1. River clean up event last week
      1. 20 or so people cleaning
    2. Free bikes for kids this Thursday.
  2. Meeting with Avenues
    1. Holiday help may be needed
    2. Also meal packing opportunities


  1. Attended Merch Garage sale to hand out more scarves
  2. To fulfill the rest of memberships, shipping will have to be done.
    1. Shipping purchase will be required.
    2. Erin will only be shipping DC scarves


  1. We still have partners.
  2. All Metro Lawn Care reached out, meeting will take place. 


  1. Short Term Goals
    1. Three project managers, Nick included
    2. Worked with WW to get Tifo banner up in the section
      1. Because this is going to be up for the rest of the season, this will most likely be it for tifo this year.

IV. Old Business

  1. Update on Action Items from September 2020
    1. Talk with WW leadership about finance holding up our committees – Sam
      1. Both Sam and Drew have been pushing on this, this is a bit of the update from Andy but this is idea to bring on outside accounting.
    2. Follow up with WW board, what are they actually doing now? – Nach & Sam
      1. This has aligned TNE and DC, which is fun.
    3. Social Media “shout outs” – Partnerships (Jack and Zeller)
      1. Jack and Zeller didn’t follow up, adding to follow up for next month.
    4. Proposal for reporting policy – Sam, Zeller, Maggi
      1. Email sent by Sam a little late for full follow up.
        1. Looking to get someone from outside the board to be the steward of this policy.
      2. Ethics statement from Timbers Army should also be added to consideration for a Dark Clouds “code of conduct” or our own ethics statement.

V. New Business

  1. Silent Auction/ End of Year Event – Zeller
    1. proposal for silent auction
    2. Streaming event to add as a “kick off” for this. Neal Logan is ready for this!
    3. Zeller had meeting with team about donating more items this year for auction
    4. New dates, Zeller will update timeline
    5. Who will this auction benefit?
      1. Follow up in the next week, so a decision can be made.
  2. 2021 Memberships – Sam
    1. “We need to do something about membership” – Abe
      1. Selling memberships at a discount for the 2021 season
        1. $10 memberships would just be card of wonder
        2. $25 memberships would include the scarf
      2. We agree on moving to a $35 dollar only option
      3. Communication needs to be done really well.
      4. Donation option is not agreed upon and may not work well.
  3. Branding committee – Nach
    1. Feedback to Nach on persona’s by Thursday.

VI. Open to Board

  1. None

VI. Open to Public

  1. None

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  1. Will do this on Slack

VIII. Adjournment

  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:08

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