The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be held over Zoom on Sunday, August 2nd at 6:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public. Please email president@dark-clouds.com to request access to the online meeting.

Dark Clouds Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



Virtual – Zoom

Board Members Present: Meagan Weber, David Zeller, Nach Karnik, Jack McFarland, Andrew Bruski, Shaun Sapala, Sam Solberg, Nick Rodriguez, Maggi Heyer, Andy Wattenhofer (joined late)

Absent: None

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Sam.

II. Approval of Minutes

Jack made a motion to approve, Maggi seconded. Motion approved. 

III. Reports of Officers and Committees                                    

a. Treasurer’s Report  – Andy

A. Talk in WW finance because Andy R hasn’t been in communication.

  1. Most of his work will need to be recreated.
  2. This is a setback for Andy W since he’ll need to help out more on WW side.

B. Tax return will be finished in the next couple of weeks then focus can be turned back to rebuilding Andy R’s reports.

b. Committee Updates 


  1. We’re making money. Sales on kid Pride shirt are not great, but the adult Pride shirt is doing well. Pride scarf sales are live. Bike jersey coming soon.


  1. Nothing yet.


  1. Keeping the same strategy around watch parties unless the MN state government makes any changes.
  2. Making posts on the website with merch items.
  3. Returned to usual messaging/email newsletters as well.

Silver Lining

  1. Meeting talking about short and long term ways to help
  2. Sanneh Foundation – trying to get something together.
  3. Seeds to Harvest
  4. Nick has surveys to get out.


  1. Scarf handout – See below


  1.   56 brewing updates


  1. Asking the team for us to display something inside/outside of the stadium.
  2. Abe has spoke to FO of team about this, but has no further update at this point.

IV.          Old Business

  1. Update on Action Items
    1. Follow up on what the leadership would like to see from Andy W (All Leadership)
  2. Other Old Business
    1. Membership Survey (Nach)
      1. Nach is working on, would send out around game two of MLS World Cup.
      2. Incentive to complete? Needs to be determined later.

V.          New Business.

  1. Watch Parties (Zeller & Jack)
    1. Over 200 spots total, 170 spots may not be open later
    2. All will use a reservation system, pay and will get credit towards your bill.
      1. We will let partners handle reservation systems and advertise how many spots the partners will have.
    3. For partners that close early, we’re going to see how the first Sunday game goes with capacity.
    4. Lake Monster
      1. Reservations
      2. Will show Sunday game
    5. 56 Brewing
      1. Will show Sunday game
      2. Will have issues with late games since they close at 10PM Weekdays 11PM Weeknights
        1. They have left the door open to us to make the decision on if we want to have them stay open past their normal hours.
    6. Eagan Arms
      1. Reservations
    7. Black Hart 
      1. Reservations
    8. Brits
      1. Emailed
    9. La Dona
      1. Reservations
    10. Virtual Watch Parties
      1. First game will have Jack and Zeller at locations for “live feed”
      2. Looking for ways for hosts to interact with live chat in the twitch feed.
  2. DC Event Safety Guidelines (Zeller & Meagan)
    1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IEXC45CLEZdmN5VdVn4-NBlirJPvylux9BlagjjtdCk/edit
    2. Will need to have some additional location specific guidelines.
    3. Addition of: Chanting or singing requires a mask.
    4. Watch Party captain?
      1. Should be trusted members to sign up.
  3. NUFC Board (Zeller)
    1. Unknown if this is still happening or is a thing anymore
  4. Scarf Handout (Meagan)
    1. With matches/watch parties we should start handout
    2. Members willing to do the handout process while social distancing
      1. Eagan Arms has said they can do a merch table.
    3. More scarves will need to be ordered to fulfill the total memberships
    4. Two larger events might be a better idea.
      1. Allianz might be a good option for a pick up event.
  5. Merch at Watch Parties (Bruski)
    1. Merch will not happen at watch parties in its current capacity. 
    2. Open to new ideas in how to sell our new stuff.
  6. MNUFC Academy Statement (Maggi)
    1. Christian had a message suggesting in general thread on slack. 
    2. https://twitter.com/paultenorio/status/1277620113034928134?s=21
    3. Nach: We have to be careful when asking what we can do when people at the highest level don’t know what is going to happen. We might be best off that we need to call for clarity around the situation
    4. Zeller: Calling them out on using COVID as an excuse to defund this might be the best option. Even if they don’t have a plan, and if they are not or are blocking kids from moving around, this is what we need to call them out for. 
    5. Maggi: We don’t need to call for a specific thing, but need to ask for their vision moving forward.
    6. Statements will be made from Dark Clouds only, we will reach out to Other SG’s/WW to see if they want to join our statement as well. If they want to opt-in they can.
  7. Tifo or something at the stadium when/if we get there (Nick)
    1. Get together a crew

VI.            Open to Board

  1. Nach and Sam gave update on Wonderwall Meeting

VI. Open to Public.

  1. No public present.

VII. Set Date for Next Meeting

  1. Will set on Slack

VIII.          Adjournment

  1. 7:58PM

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