Photo: Jeremy Olson

Photo: Jeremy Olson

Update 6/8/2020: About 10 hours after this post was published we hit $3300 total in donations from our social media followers to the three organizations listed below. The Dark Clouds will be donating $1K to each organization today as our matching funds contribution. A huge thank you to all our donors!

It’s been hard to find the right words to talk about George Floyd’s murder. Shocked, heartbroken and angry seem like trite words when a life has been so cruelly taken away.

There’s a sense of powerlessness that comes in but that isn’t right. We do have the power to make our voices heard. We can emphatically say Black Lives Matter, speak up for justice and support causes that create the kind of communities we want to live in.

As part of our response, our Silver Lining service arm has been amplifying calls for volunteers and donations on their twitter channel. Silver Lining is also working to organize volunteer opportunities in the Twin Cities. The Dark Clouds as a whole are also making a financial pledge to three organizations.

We will be matching donations upto $1000 for each of the following causes:

Color of ChangeDonate
“Color Of Change designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.”

Neighbors United Funding CollectiveDonate
“NUFC exists to provide funding to [Midway Saint Paul] residents, local businesses, and community organizations who bring forth innovative ideas and projects focusing on economic development, placemaking, public art, preventing displacement, and preserving what we all love most about our community.”

Northside Funders Group #RestoreNorth Fund – Donate
“Northside Funders Group is changing the way philanthropy works in North Minneapolis. By focusing 19 private, public and corporate funders on a shared vision of success, we will reduce economic and educational disparities, and lift up the natural assets that exist in North Minneapolis. Working with partners and the community, we are catalysts for real change – both impactful and sustainable. Our work sparks ideas, amplifies investments, and inspires neighborhoods.”

Please message us on Twitter or Facebook with a screenshot of your donation receipt. You can also email us with your receipt at

(Note: We had previously announced that we would be donating to Black Visions MN and Northstar Health Collective. Both of these organizations are now directing donations to other worthy causes. This is why we have changed the destination of our donations to Color of Change and Northside Business Support.)

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