The MLS preseason is under way and the season is on the horizon, but it isn’t the 2020 season until you pick up your 2020 #WEALLBELIEVE scarf. Yes, this means you will experience time differently from the rest of the world until you pick up your scarf, we’d explain but it involves a lot of physics and some information we got from a nervous-looking New Mexico United supporter, so perhaps the less said the better.

Instead of risking a temporal paradox, make plans to pick up your scarf at one of the following DCMN events:

All events are currently cancelled due to the risk posed by COVID-19. We will keep you updated when we have new handout events planned.

Live too far to attend a handout event, you can have your member package (incl. the member scarf) mailed to you by clicking here. (Please note that we do not guarantee shipping speed and attending an in-person handout is the fastest way to get your hands on a scarf.)

Reminder: To get a 2020 Dark Clouds member scarf, you need to be either:

Keep time safe, keep your neck warm, and get ready to show what #WEALLBELIEVE at Allianz Field this season by picking up your scarf soon!

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