Matchday is our largest internal crew and the most critical to what we do. They’re the ones who help us be as loud as we possibly can and make Allianz Field the fortress it has become. You can sign up to participate by clicking here or scrolling to the form posted at the bottom of this page.

Several MNUFC players haev told us that what we do in the stadium has a massive impact on the results of games; Louder means more wins. As a matchday volunteer, it’s incredible knowing that your effort helps the Wonderwall stay loud and the boys in black and blue to do better on the pitch.

You can make the same tangible difference by signing up to help us with one of these roles:

  • March Coordinators – Help move people out of Black Hart and lead them on the march to Allianz. Coordinate chants, flags and smoke for the march.
  • Ambassador – Be available to answer questions about Dark Clouds, help new supporters find their way and direct people in need of assistance to the appropriate people.
  • Set-up/Tear-down in the stadium – Go into the stadium ~3 hours prior to kickoff and/or stay behind for a half hour afterward to help set up and take-down our megaphones, flags, banners and national flag display.
  • Flag Wrangler – Wave our large flags or find volunteers to do so.
  • Capos – Manage the in-match experience, be loud, light up smoke and lead jackassery.

(You don’t need any prior experience to get involved and brand new fans are always welcome! The time commitment is flexible. )

Filling out the form below will allow you to express in interest in one or more of these roles. And don’t worry, you can move between these roles if one turns out not to be a great fit for you.

Have questions? Write to to reach our Matchday Lead Maggi who will respond ASAP

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