If you’ve ever found yourself singing along with the Dark Clouds, only to realize you’re not sure what line comes next in Bella Ciao, wondered if The Iron Skillet Method might help you in your day-to-day life, or struggled to explain why we’re called Dark Clouds in the first place, do we have a meet up for you!

Get to know Minnesota’s oldest organization of soccer fans, how we came to be, what we do on match day and how we contribute to organizations across the cities to make our community a better place at The Dark Clouds Academy!

We have two Dark Clouds Academy events planned to occur before our watch parties:
– 3/1 at 5:00 pm at the Black Hart
– 3/7 at 5:30 pm at La Doña Cerveceria

(Each event will run about 90 min and you can get your member scarf if you haven’t already.)

Getting to know the folks around you in the section is awesome and getting involved is meaningful.

Both events will cover the same information, so no need to attend both. Attendance of course isn’t required for membership. This is just a way to get stuck in with fellow Dark Clouds before the season kicks off.

Come and find out why #WEALLBELIEVE is so important to our organization and let us know what you believe before we all stand together in the Wonderwall, supporting our boys in black and blue.


  • WHAT: Dark Clouds Academy
  • WHO: Anyone that wants to learn more about the Dark Clouds
  • WHEN & WHERE: 
    3/1 at 5pm at the Black Hart
    3/7 at 5:30 at La Doña Cerveceria

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