Photo of Wonderwall during game with people holding up Dark Clouds and Wonderwall scarves and flags

Each year Dark Clouds members elect two members to serve on our board for two-year terms.

The Board

The Dark Clouds board consists of 4 elected members and the committee chairs selected by the President. The four elected members are appointed as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary by a vote of the board. Being elected to the board means you will find yourself appointed to one of these roles.

The two individuals elected in this election will serve with current board members Sam Solberg and Nach Karnik who are in the second year of their two-year terms.

This year’s election has five steps:

Nominees and voters must be Dark Clouds members.

Who is a Dark Clouds Member:

  • Season ticket holders in the Wonderwall who have selected ‘Dark Clouds’ as their affiliation in Seatgeek (Season ticket holders who have chosen to affiliate with other groups or have not selected an affiliation are not considered Dark Clouds members.)
  • An individual who has purchased a Dark Clouds Individual Membership

Nominating Yourself

If you’ve ever thought about the best possible way to give back to a cause that has such an impact in our local communities, or maybe you have ideas to make the Dark Clouds better, faster, stronger–we need your help.

You can nominate yourself by clicking here and filling out this short nomination form.

Election Procedure

Every Dark Clouds member will receive an email from our election provider on March 6th with a link to their secure ballot. Votes will be cast electronically and will be anonymous.

Voting will open on March 6th and close at midnight March 12th.

You can cast one ballot worth as many votes per Dark Clouds Membership that you own. If you own multiple memberships and wish to cast multiple ballots, there is an additional step you need to take:

Splitting Your Ballot – Optional
(For owners of multiple memberships only)

Many Dark Clouds split their season tickets with significant others, friends and family members. While these tickets are used by multiple people, they are all logged under a single person & their email address.

Such individuals who own multiple Dark Clouds memberships (eg. by owning multiple season tickets in the Wonderwall) have two options for voting:

  • Cast one ballot worth as many votes as the number of memberships – (Default option – No action needed)
  • Receive multiple ballots so each member can vote separately (REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL STEP – SEE BELOW)

E.g. Nach owns two season tickets in the Wonderwall meaning he receives two votes. Nach can either cast a single ballot worth two votes OR Nach can email to request two separate ballots worth one vote each.

If you wish to split your memberships into multiple ballots, please email before midnight on March 2nd with:

  • Number of memberships you own
  • How many ballots you want (cannot exceed the number of memberships)
  • One email address & name for each ballot requested.

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