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On August 19th, the Portland Timbers front office released a statement regarding a policy that bans the Iron Front symbol being displayed on banners within Providence Park. The team’s supporters group, Timbers Army, feels that this statement contradicts the team’s commitment to “stand steadfast against fascism.” [1] The Dark Clouds support Timbers Army in their questioning of these policies.

We are calling upon Major League Soccer to rescind their ban on Iron Front imagery in stadiums. We are also requesting that they remove language from their code of conduct that prohibits “political” symbolism on banners and tifo. The word “political” is highly arbitrary in nature. Enforcing this rule prevents supporters across the league from peacefully advocating for basic human rights and anti-fascism. We feel that use of the Iron Front symbol does not promote violence, and is merely a symbol that stands for the ethical treatment of all people.

Additionally, we support Timbers Army in their request that MLS consult experts on human rights to craft language in the code of conduct that supports inclusion and anti-discrimination causes. It is essential to our existence as supporters that we are freely allowed to support basic human rights through imagery like the Iron Front symbol.

Major League Soccer has publicly stated their commitment to creating “a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable soccer experience for all guests in and around our stadiums and facilities.” [2] The Dark Clouds stand with Timbers Army in asking Major League Soccer to stand by that commitment by allowing fans to reinforce the fact that fascism has no place in our stadiums.

[1] https://www.timbers.com/post/2019/08/19/portland-timbers-front-office-iron-front-symbol-politics-stadiums-and-human-rights
[2] https://www.mlssoccer.com/fan-code-of-conduct

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