Dark Clouds Board Meeting

The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be on Monday, August 19th at 6:30pm in the back room at Black Hart in St. Paul. You can read the agenda for the meeting at the conclusion of the minutes below.

The meeting is open to the public.

Dark Clouds Board of Director Meeting Minutes


July 9, 2019

Black Hart of Saint Paul

Board Members: 
Present: Sam Solberg, Nach Karnik, David Zeller, Andy Reierson, Andrew Bruski, Meagan Weber, Maggi Heyer-Erlandson, Jake Chalcraft, Zoey Peterson

Absent: Andrew Beck

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Sam Solberg

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 6/9/19 were approved unanimously.

Reports of Officers and Committees

Treasurer’s Report

  • Overall profit down from last year (possibly due to restructuring of DC to WW)
  • Membership on pace from last year

Committee Updates

 – Mar/Comm/Social (Jake Chalcraft): 

  • Maggi Heyer-Erlandson will be interviewed regarding the successful Prideraiser
  • Dark Cloud banner being ordered, where to place tbd

–  Partnerships (David Zeller): 

  • 13 cases of beer donated from Summit, East Lake, Indeed, and Dual Citizens for traveling New Mexico supporters
  • CBF letter done and submitted

 –  Merch (Andrew Bruski): 

  • 50 membership scarves on the way
  • Sold out of Pride Summer Scarves
  • Current presales – Iconic Shirt
  • New Slap Koozie now available
  • Working on flag designs
  • Merch volunteers needed

 –  Matchday (Maggi Heyer-Erlandson): 

  • Big DC flags still needed
  • Problems with sourcing blue smoke
  • Working w/ team into pushing March to the Match 30 minutes later
  • Matchday volunteers needed

 –  Membership (Meagan Weber for Andrew Beck):  

  • Meeting on 7/15/19
  • Membership pickup ideas 
    • Coordinate 3 dates with WW for all SG handouts
    • Coordinate w/ team for pre-season handout, if possible to use upper 90

  • Dark Cloud Academy scheduled for 7/20/19 at 7:30pm at Black Hart
  • Membership looking for co-chair

–  Silver Lining (Meagan Weber):

  • 501c3 in works
  • World Cup Street Fair to happen yearly (soccer related event)
  • Philando Castile event on 8/18 from 11a- 5p
    • Needed 40 volunteers
    • Philando Castile Scholarship donation
    • DC Merch Basket donation

Old Business

Update on Action Items

  • Flag pre-order is on going
  • Dark Clouds Academy scheduled for 7/20 at 7:30 at Black Hart
  • Updated Bylaws to be posted by Sam Solberg
  • CBF letter – done


  • Tabled – Nach Karnik to take the lead

New Business

Dark Clouds Branding

  • Started discussion on if board feels that the DC branding is working. 
  • Possible survey of members and/or town hall meeting asking our members would like to see regarding branding
  • Board to plan strategic thought process regarding logo and branding

Member’s Feedback/Involvement

  • Continue to talk and meet new members
  • Gather feedback from Dark Clouds Academy

Open to Board

  • Black Hart to host a Community Benefit Fund benefit
  • Work on being more proactive with press releases for upcoming events

Set Date for Next Meeting

Next meeting date will be set up through Slack 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm by Sam Solberg

Dark Clouds Board of Director Meeting Agenda for 8/19/19 to come.

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